Slipped Discs Denver, CO

Slipped Discs Denver, CO

Getting the Right Care Makes All the Difference

If you have a “slipped” disc, protruded disc, bulging or prolapsed disc, read this entire article very carefully. You’ll learn about what some Denver chiropractors believe to be the best care for this condition.

If you have a discal problem, you’ve probably experienced radiating pain down your leg or arm. You may have been bent over in pain, or noticed when you coughed or sneezed your pain intensified. People sometimes describe their pain “like a hot poker”, and discover their legs or arms are weak, or tingle.

Discal problems can happen anywhere in your spine. Usually they pinch the nerves that go to your arms or legs. In desperation you may have tried;

  • heat
  • cold
  • anti-inflammatories
  • therapeutic exercise
  • physical therapy
  • dangerous injections

None of these treatments address the cause of discal problems. This article reveals a special technique that addresses the cause of Denver discal problems and what should be done for them.

How Do Discs Slip?

People say discs “slip” out of place, but this is not entirely true. Spinal bones can move slightly out of alignment with one another and cause the discs that cushion and separate the vertebrae to bulge. Much like the side wall of a car tire can bulge outward if it’s been worn, your discs can bulge and irritate nerves.

A disc in your back or neck can bulge and unfortunately conventional care cannot put the disc back in place. For example;

  • heat
  • therapeutic exercise
  • injections
  • anti-inflammatory medicines

will not realign the spine and reduce the bulge of the disc. Doctors mean well, but what they know doesn’t work.

A survey was done of 3,000 physicians concerning what treatments were most effective for this all too common condition. The responses the doctors gave were compared with the guidelines of the Quebec Task Force on Spinal Disorders, and the doctors were wrong. They recommended the wrong care, i.e;

  • physical therapy
  • tens
  • corsets
  • trigger point injections
  • pain programs
  • steroid injections

It’s no wonder why people suffer with Denver discs and don’t know what to do. The treatments they recommended went out of date 10 to 30 years ago. These methods don’t address the cause of disc problems so many patients will endure needless surgery with disastrous results. There are over half a million disc surgeries done each year, and most of them are needless and produce terrible results.

The techniques we use at my Denver chiropractic clinic are different. We utilize an F.D.A. registered and UL approved electric neuro-mechanical impulse generating instrument that gently realigns the spine, and allows for healing. This is all done without drugs and their side effects or dangerous surgery. It gets dramatic results of a long term nature. You don’t have to feel stuck with outdated therapy like; acupuncture, physical therapy, pain pills, and heat, etc. Our Denver chiropractic techniques are safe, and virtually painless. If you’ve been going to a doctor who doesn’t know these techniques and you’re not getting results, you owe it to yourself to give our center a call.

We’ve Been Lied To

We’ve been sold on a drug taking way of life. The United States takes more medicines than any other nation with horrible results. When the drugs don’t work, the surgeons want to chop away. If you’re suffering, remember surgery is probably the last thing you’ll want to do. Ripping pieces of your body out is not going to make you healthier. There are no “spare parts” in the human body. Yet drugs and surgery in many instances are all we’ve been offered and it’s taking its toll on our health.

If you’re hurting, you need to change and go a different way. We have one of the best techniques for Denver back and neck pain. It’s gentle, painless, and very effective; we’re getting over 90% result rates at our center.

Don’t Wait

If you have a small bulging disc it can get worse over time. If you were told to go home and rest or take pills, etc. this may be the worst thing you could do. With the wrong kind of care, these problems get worse and lead to spinal decay. If you’ve been diagnosed with a “slipped” or bulging Denver disc and decide to get proper care that corrects the cause of the problem, you could get it fixed.

Even if you’ve had surgery and still have pain, there is a good chance our methods can help you.

At our center patients are getting back to doing the activities they love to do like; bowling, tennis, hiking, and skiing, etc. Too often Denver disc doctors limit their patients telling them they can “never” do their favorite sport anymore. We help people lead active lifestyles.

At-Home Disc Tests

I’m not a fan of self-diagnosis, but there are tests you can perform right now that indicate if you have a Denver disc problem and should do something about it.

The Cough Test

Give a big cough. If you have pain in the back, neck, arms or legs, that’s bad. It may indicate a discal problem we can help.

The Head Forward Test

Sit up straight and bend your head forward toward your chest. If this causes pain in the back, or pain to go down your legs, it may mean you have a discal problem and we could help. Something’s wrong and you should act.

These tests indicate potentially serious problems. Having pain is not o.k. Spinal pain is potentially very serious and without care, your problems could get worse requiring drugs or surgery.

Feeling good is what life’s all about. You could feel great by getting care at our Denver chiropractic center. If we can’t help you, we will tell you so. You have nothing to lose but the pain. By mentioning this article your examination is FREE. Insurance pays for our care. Call (303) 394-CARE (2273).

By Steven Visentin