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Back Halloween Candy

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Dr. Visentin wants Halloween candy so bad he’s willing to buy it from children.  But the Denver chiropractor doesn’t plan to eat it.  He’s not quite sure what he’ll do with it all.

He just wants to do his part in helping curb childhood obesity.

“Looking around, I noticed more and more children are overweight or obese,” Dr. Visentin said.  “Halloween is typically a time of year when children will get several pounds of candy and eat it in two or three days. It’s just really bad for their health.  Our nation is fat and getting fatter.  If I can prevent one child from becoming obese, it’s worth it. I think it would be great if doctors could get involved in teaching children that their body is the only one they’re going to have.  If they can learn how to eat well, then they’re going to have a better chance of living longer.”

He suggested that instead of candy, people offer children; fruit, mini boxes of raisins, coins, coloring books, crayons, small toys, baseball cards, or even colorful sidewalk chalk.

Dr. Visentin will open his office at 1411 Krameria Street from 3 – 4:00 pm on Friday, November 1st to collect candy.  He is offering $1.00 per pound and hopes to collect several hundred pounds of candy.

Dr. Visentin is offering free spinal exams to detect abnormal childhood spinal curvatures for every family that participates in the candy program.  Parents often schedule check-ups for children’s teeth, hearing, and vision but draw a blank when it comes to spinal health.  This is the most important exam your child can receive.  The spine protects billions of nerve cells that keep us healthy.  If even one vertebra becomes misaligned, it can cause serious interference with the life-giving nervous system.  This is how people get sick.

Your Family Chiropractor in Denver CO

For over thirty years Dr. Visentin has served 1,000’s and 1000’s of Denver, Aurora Colorado residents.  His techniques are gentle enough for children and the elderly.  The methods are also suitable for pregnancy and the following conditions;

  • Arm, hand or shoulder pain -  Poor Posture
  • Weakness or fatigue -   Constipation
  • Poor coordination -   Sore throat
  • Numbness -   Bronchitis
  • Loss of hearing -   Arthritis
  • Ear infections Painful joints -   Croup
  • Eye problems -   Colic
  • Stomachaches -   Allergies
  • Sinus problems -   Scoliosis
  • Hip, leg or foot pain -   Irritability
  • Asthma and wheezing -   Back and neck aches
  • Breast-feeding difficulties -   Headaches
  • Bed-wetting -   Nervousness

INTERESTED: Would you consider selling your Halloween candy?
WHAT: Halloween candy buy-back and free scoliosis screenings
WHEN: November 1st 3-4:00 pm Friday
WHERE: Care Chiropractic, 1411 Krameria Street, Denver CO
POSTED: 10/21/19

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