Can a Denver Chiropractor help Stress?

People deal with stress every single day. Especially in Western society where people work crazy hours and with this age of the internet and social media. Anxiety levels range from mild to extreme. There is so much going on around that it is difficult to get a moment of peace to cool. However, chiropractic care in Denver helps people manage their stress levels. A chiropractor might just be the solution for your stress and anxiety.

We perceive stress through three channels; body, emotions, and environment. Environmental stress stems from your surroundings; you may see a fire or witness an accident on your way to work which may elevate your stress levels. Pollution of the environment could also lead to environmental stress. Body stress could be associated with sickness, poor nutrition or insufficient sleep. Emotional stress, on the other hand, is caused by our perception of certain things. For example, when someone’s attitude towards you changes for reasons you do not understand, you may be stressed out trying to think why they are acting that way towards you or choose to ignore it. The difference between emotional stress and the others (environmental and body stress) is that we can control how much emotional stress we deal with while it is difficult to control body and environmental stress.

After knowing how our bodies receive stress, we should know the effects of stress on our health. The body’s flight or fight response is triggered when you are under stress. Your heart beats faster and your senses are acuter because your sympathetic nervous system is stimulated. This defense mechanism of the body has existed since pre-historic times which explains why our ancestors survived being eaten by wild predators.

The bigger danger in the modern society is not that we face predators but is that we become overstressed. Multiple studies have been conducted over the years to determine the effects of chronic stress on the body. Effects of chronic stress include high blood pressure, muscle tissue damage, increased risk of heart disease and many others. However, stress can be beneficial when it comes to high-performance situations but experiencing it regularly is bad for your health.

A Denver chiropractor will help you deal with your stress. This is because chiropractors focus on the spine which is the basis of the nervous system. Chronic stress leads to muscle contraction and tension, which, in turn, lead to uneven pressure on the skeleton that causes subluxations. Spinal adjustments help ease muscle tension which reduces stress on certain parts of the skeleton and also eases subluxations. Easing subluxations helps to achieve a balanced spine. This is an essential technique for managing personal stress. Nutrition also helps manage stress and that is why chiropractors offer people a wide range of nutrition supplements and empowering workshops, to empower your whole family and manage stress levels.

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