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Chiropractic is a system which is used in carrying out the diagnosis and treatment of individuals suffering the disease caused by lack of healthy nerve function. This system is based on the concept that the primary role of the nervous system is coordination of all activities in the body. When this process is used it typically targets moving body parts especially the joints. Therefore, Chiropractors employ manipulation as well as the adjustment of the moving components such as the spinal column. Once this part is adjusted it will help lessen the pressure exerted on the nerves thus preventing them from causing pain to other body parts. This process is known as subluxation and it helps lessen the pressure exerted on the nerves. If the force exerted on the nerves is not removed, it might end up affecting other areas which are distant from the nerves. Also, this practice has proved useful especially when treating tension headaches and the muscle spasms of the back and the neck.

When Daniel David Palmer was performing his first joint adjustment in 1895, he ended up making discoveries which are employed in the modern chiropractic. This term "chiropractic" was originally derived from a Greek word called "chir"-which initially meant hand+prassein, to do=to manipulate. All these words date back in 1898 the particular year when the first school in Davenport, Iowa was founded by Palmer.

In this practice not all chiropractors are alike. The International Chiropractors Association alleges that patients have the right for treatment by spinal manipulation only. On the other hand, the American Chiropractors Association allege that a multidisciplinary approach which involves the use of spinal adjustments with other modalities should be used in treatment. The America Medical Association typically terms the joint adjustment process as rigid is not based on any scientific concept. As a result, they have opposed it for many years. However, this process was relieved when the Act related to medical services started recognizing the benefits of this process .Later in 1978, the American Chiropractors Association developed a positive view on this practice. For one to be qualified to take part in this practice he or she must undertake a two year training in college as well as four years in the specialization center.

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