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head painHow Does This Happen?

While Fibromyalgia may be a complex disorder without a cure, the Care Chiropractic at Care Chiropractic has helped many patients by reducing the symptoms and improving their quality of life.

Even though healers and then medical professionals have been treating this malady since the seventeenth century, the American Medical Association (AMA) did not recognize it as a diagnosis until 1987. There is still debate today about the validity of the disorder by some conventional physicians because there is no test that pinpoints or diagnoses the disorder. However, it only takes being in the presence of one sufferer for a short period of time to see the reality.

The latest research shows, Fibromyalgia is rooted in the central nervous system. Documentation has shown that patients with this disorder have abnormalities in the chemical compounds (neurotransmitters) that transmit nerve impulses. There is also evidence of considerably more nerve growth, than in those without it. This indicates interference with the nervous system and hypersensitivity. The whole principle of chiropractic care revolves around the idea that a patient’s health is controlled by the state of their nervous system. Dr. Visentin D.C., who is an expert in this area, is especially equipped to help patients reduce their symptoms and find a better way of life.

It’s Still Bothering Me, Now What?

Fibromyalgia sufferers go an average of five years before getting a correct diagnosis with conventional medicine. More than half of these patients receive a misdiagnosis that could lead to needless invasive treatment such as surgery. Many patients find the necessary relief from chiropractic care because the symptoms affect the entire body and doctors of chiropractic take a holistic approach.

This disorder affects each patient differently, so communication is the key to diagnosing the needs of each individual. During the initial consultation, Dr. Visentin D.C. goes over a patient’s health history and performs a physical assessment. The assessment will include an evaluation of spinal alignment and a test of 18 specific tender points. These points will generally not hurt on a healthy person unless enough pressure is applied to make the base of the assessor’s thumbnail turn white. Fibromyalgia patients will feel pain when much less pressure is applied. .

Fibromyalgia Care

At Care Chiropractic, Dr. Visentin D.C. uses additional tests to adjust a patient’s neck and spine. Once the spine is back in alignment, the pain symptoms felt by the patient anywhere in the body usually diminish or disappear entirely. If the pain can be alleviated, other symptoms such as trouble sleeping, fatigue, and depression tend to also go away. Changes in diet, lifestyle, and sleep hygiene may also be suggested to improve the patient’s overall health.

Care Chiropractic and Dr. Visentin D.C have helped many patients by reducing symptoms and improving their quality of life using chiropractic care. If you have questions or would like an examination, call (303) 394-CARE (2273).



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