Chiropractor in Denver CO

10 Ways to Select the Best Denver Chiropractor
Here are guidelines to find a Denver chiropractor that’s right for you, and reasons to call us first.
1)    You should be able to get to see the doctor as soon as possible.  The best chiropractors have additional staff so that when you’re in pain it’s easy to get care.

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For example, our clinic offers same day appointments in most instances.

2)    Always seek out doctors of chiropractic who do thorough examinations that include tests for the spine and nervous system.

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For example, Care Chiropractic offers muscle strength tests as well as reflex and sensation studies to determine how the nerves are working.

3)    When searching for Denver’s best chiropractor, ask if they have an x-ray machine on the premises.

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We only take x-rays when necessary.  We feature rare earth screens and high frequency x-ray equipment to minimize exposure to radiation.  The equipment is tested regularly by experts to make sure it exceeds safety standards.

4)    When selecting a chiropractor in Denver, make sure you receive an explanation of your condition.  You should get a report about what caused the pain, how it should be cared for and what outcomes can be expected.

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For example, at our East Denver chiropractic clinic we sit with the patients and their family and or friends and answer all their questions after a thorough report of findings.

5)    Make sure you select a clinic that respects your goals and expectations of care.  The plan of care should be updated regularly as you progress.

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At Care Chiropractic for example, we do re-exams to measure improvement.  These exams include special tests that help measure progress.  All findings are carefully documented to provide the best care possible.

6)    One of the aims of care should be to reduce pain and maximize function.  The personal expectations of patients should always be respected.

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At our East Denver/Aurora chiropractic center, patients are active participants in their programs.  Their needs come first at all times.

7)    Denver’s best chiropractors offer advice on activities, and lifestyle.  When necessary they offer psychosocial intervention.

denver chiropractor steven visentin
At our clinic we always mention activities that may be interfering with recovery.  We suggest alternatives that will not aggravate the patients’ condition.  We also offer free work place seminars about ergonomic training.

8)    Ask perspective clinics if they tailor exercise programs to meet specific needs.

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We show patients how they can help themselves with corrective exercises.  This way we ensure optimal progress.

9)    The best Denver chiropractors coordinate care with the patients’ general practitioners.

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Care chiropractic enjoys good relationships with the medical community.  We work with medical doctors.

10)    The best chiropractors in Denver offer rehabilitative and prophylactic care after the patients’ pain is gone.

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Our clinic always makes this important care available to all patients.

Use these ten guidelines to help select the right chiropractor for you.  These 10 measures are part of our standard of care.  We follow them to ensure the best outcomes possible.  If you have any questions or need additional information feel free to call.  In the end the best Denver chiropractor is the one that’s best for you.

By Steven Visentin