Golf Related Pain in Denver CO


How Does This Happen?

Some of the most common golf related conditions are brought about by the golf swing. Low back pain and golfers elbow can limit seasoned professionals as well as weekend enthusiasts.

Not so obvious are the injuries that are caused by golf bags with only one strap, overly heavy bags and repetitive bending and twisting movements to gather equipment.

What Can I Do To Help Myself?

Stretching can be an important in avoiding low back injuries from golf. Arrive early enough to slowly swing a club in both directions right to left and left to right as part of a warm up before the game.

Upgrade your bag to one that distributes the weight to both shoulders or better still, get a rolling cart bag.

It’s Still Bothering Me, Now What?

It’s no longer a secret. Tiger Woods gets chiropractic. After 1,000’s and 1,000’s of swings he relies on chiropractic to “untwist” or adjust his spine.

If you want lower golf scores, call our Denver chiropractic center and mention this article for a free initial exam.


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