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Sciatica In Denver CO

spineHow Does This Happen?

The largest nerve in the body called the sciatic nerve runs from the back of the hips to the leg. Irritation of the sciatic nerve is called “sciatica”. It can be caused by misalignments of the lower back, misalignments of the pelvis, narrowing of the spinal canal, spinal discal conditions, vertebral slippage, and pregnancy. Conditions that can make sciatica worse include, overweight, lack of exercise, high heels, and improper sleep surfaces.

What Can I Do To Help Myself?

Thick wallets can contribute to sciatica. Move your wallet from the back to the front pocket. Many times avoiding sitting can help relieve sciatic pain. Try standing or lying down. Ice can be helpful as well. Do not apply ice directly to the skin. Use a wet towel and apply ice up to twenty minutes, three times daily.

It’s Still Bothering Me, Now What?

Rooting out the cause of sciatica is the best way to achieve long-term relief. Correcting the alignment of the lower back and pelvis is the most important factor in nearly every case of sciatica. Over time, this relieves painful pressure on the nerve and allows the body to heal itself in the end.



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