Low Back Pain in Denver CO

low back painHow Does This Happen?

Most commonly, low back pain occurs when bones of the spine lose their proper alignment. This can happen due to accidents, high heels, lifting incorrectly, unfamiliar sports, bending, twisting, slips, jerks, jolts, over-exertion, and sedentary lifestyles.

What Can I do To Help Myself?

Initially, you can use ice 5 to 10 minutes three times daily. Never place ice directly on the skin, always use a towel. Later, use hot moist heat, and try walking, and stretching.

It’s Still Bothering Me, Now What?

A recent survey by Consumer Reports magazine showed chiropractors to be favorite caregivers in cases of lower back pain. Unlike painful physical therapy and dangerous drugs and surgery, chiropractic offers relief that is safe, gentle, and effective. It’s good for nearly everyone, including children, the elderly, and mothers to be.

Most importantly, our care addresses the cause of most “dis-ease” today, subluxation. When bones of the spine are out of alignment; a serious condition called subluxation interferes with the nervous system. If left uncared for, subluxation becomes more chronic and leads relentlessly to spinal decay and disease.


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