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Seeking a Denver/Aurora CO Chiropractor, whiplash doctor, or accident doctor?  Want to fix whiplash, stop pain from a car accident or stop whiplash pain?  Read on!

Years ago, I heard weird noises as the car I was in turned upside down!  I felt my head collide with the roof and neck “crunch”, several times.  Finally, the car stopped and everything was eerily quiet.  A moment passed and the driver yelled “Get out, get out right now and run!”

My friends and I accepted a ride home from a party from someone we didn’t know.  He was drunk and driving his Daddy’s car.  After reaching over 100 miles an hour he crashed and ordered us to run away from the accident.  He reported the car stolen and begged us not to tell anyone what he’d done.  Young and naïve, my friends and I promised we wouldn’t tell a soul what happened.

Years later I discovered whiplash is different.  It’s not like other injuries at all and I would pay the consequences.

My name is Dr. Visentin, D.C.  For the last 38 years I’ve helped 1000s and 1000s of people with this painful and debilitating condition.  Read this entire article and discover how these problems get worse overtime if neglected and what you can do about them.


Your Symptoms May Come on Slowly

Unlike sprains and strains, whiplash injuries are different.  The swelling caused by accidents occurs deep in the joints and over time you may experience any of the  following;

  • Headache,
  • Neck Pain or Stiffness,
  • Tingling or Numbness,
  • Grinding Sounds in Neck,
  • Nausea,
  • Dizziness,
  • Soreness or Tenderness,
  • Low Back Pain,
  • Sciatica (Leg Pain),
  • Difficulty Concentrating,
  • Jaw Trouble,
  • Difficulty Swallowing,
  • Shoulder or Arm Pain,
  • Wrist Pain or Numbness,
  • Insomnia,
  • Ringing in the Ears,
  • Swelling or Bruising,
  • Ribcage/Chest Soreness,
  • Changes in Vision,
  • Sore Between Shoulders,
  • Tightness or Spasm, and
  • Light Headedness.

Maybe you went to the emergency room and they said there were no fractures or broken bones.  You may have assumed you were ok.  You might have even visited your medical doctor and taken anti-inflammatories or seen a physical therapist for treatment.  In serious cases this is not enough.  The joints of your spine must be retrained with very specific care to get the delicate neck bones to move normally again.

Unlike slips, falls, jerks and jolts, whiplash leads to premature arthritic changes that make you feel old before your time.  Research shows that in over half the cases of serious accidents, people suffer LIFE TIME PAIN!


The absolute worst thing you can do is use dry heat.  Heating pads feel good but over time increase pain.

Another bad idea is the cervical collar.  Unless there is a fracture, cervical collars are an uncomfortable nightmare that cause loss of muscle tone and bone thinning.

Strenuous activities early on can delay healing as well.  Cutting back on your workouts after a wreck is a good idea.

Unfortunately, cell phones and laptops are terrible for the neck.  Inclining your neck forward for long periods of time is awful.  Computer use should be limited and at a station where your head is up, not inclined downward.


Like many sufferers of whiplash, I thought my pain would go away.  I never got proper care and I suffer daily because of it.  I’m on a mission to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


One day soon, you could awaken without stiffness in your neck and headache. You could have normal sensation in your hands and enjoy a solid night of sleep without interruptions due to neck pain.  You could feel wonderful.


Whether you have insurance or not, if you’ve been involved in a recent accident my staff is trained to find hidden resources to cover your care.

You may notice relief immediately.  There’s very little you have to do but show up for visits you’ll look forward to.


Patients with the best outcomes take action quickly and proceed with care.

People who continue to search on the Internet and seek out quick fixes from dubious sources, suffer life time pain.

If you’re in the Denver/Aurora Colorado area, give me a call (303) 394-2273.

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