Electric Scooter Accidents In Denver CO

Chiropractic Denver CO Scooter Injury

I grew up riding a big red scooter. I loved to launch it down the sidewalk and feel a breeze brush my face as I cruised along.

Electric scooter's Denver CO promises a thrill too, but can be dangerous. Keep reading and I’ll explain.

most common scooter injuries in Denver CO

Here is the list of the most common scooter injuries seen in the hospital in emergency room every day;

  • sprain,
  • strains,
  • cuts and bruises,
  • broken bones and
  • brain damage!

Here’s Why People Get Hurt

  • 94% ride with no helmet,
  • 8% carry a passenger with them,
  • 9% break traffic laws and
  • 26% ride on the sidewalk, which is illegal.

It Gets Worse

Tonight, all over Denver drunks will exit the bars hop on electric scooters and hustle down streets and sidewalks in the dark. They won’t see holes and cracks that can toss them onto their heads and faces.

Hurt In a Scooter Accident?

If you’ve been hurt by an electric scooter, call my office. Waiting is dangerous. Your problems can get worse without proper care. With the right care, you could feel relief quickly. My staff is trained at finding hidden resources to fund your care.

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