10 Life Energizing Secrets For Denver Residents

10 Life Energizing Secrets For Denver Residents

Here are 10 low or no cost ways to turn on the power in your life.  If you implement even one, there’s a good chance you’ll live longer and experience more love and excitement.  Decide to pick one and do it if you need more power or energy than you’re enjoying right now.


Take in a deep belly breath.  Suck in life, health and energy.  We’re so fearful at times, that we forget to breathe fully.  Take a big breath with your head back slightly and drink in air as if you’re starving for oxygen.  Then let your head fall slightly forward as you forcefully push it out with your abdominal muscles.  Do this a few times in the morning to get the day started.  Try doing this before you leave the bed or before your coffee in the morning.  See if you don’t feel more energized.


Exercise daily.  Run with the dog, walk with your kids and do something fun for a change.

If your exercise program isn’t engaging, I’ll be the only doctor to tell you to STOP DOING IT!  If you have to push yourself to go to the gym, you won’t gain long term benefits.  Stop.

Do something exciting.  If you’re exercising and it’s not fun, you’ll burn out before you get fit.

Find an exercise program you enjoy and do it.

Stop Saying “I’m Tired.”

Many people say “I’m tired” habitually.  Have you heard yourself saying those words?  Program your mind differently.  Try saying, “I’ve had a full day” instead.  This paints a better emotional picture for your unconscious mind.  When people ask how you’re doing proclaim, “I’ve had a full day.”  Pretty soon you will create a better life just because you reprogrammed yourself by repeatedly affirming the positive.

Get Lots of Sleep

Many of us are sleep deprived.  We’re working harder as a society and not resting well.  If you’re using an alarm clock to get out of bed in the morning, it means you’re not going to bed early enough.  Turn the T.V., computer, and cell phone off and get some rest!  Ideally, you should awaken before the alarm goes off.

Drink Lots of Water

The first sign of dehydration is fatigue.  You are not a camel.  If you’re not drinking plain water throughout the day, you are damaging your body.  If you feel off, tired, or dizzy it could be you’re dehydrated.  Soda, coffee, tea, and beer are not water substitutes.  These fluids cause the body to lose water and foster dehydration.

Many people will protest that they’d like to drink water but “it tastes funny.”  Water has no taste.  If your water “tastes funny”, you’re not drinking water.  Find a source of pure water.  This is an essential part of staying well.

Get Your Spine Checked

When was the last time you had your spine checked?  Even one bone slightly out of alignment in the spine can cause serious interference with the nervous system.  Power, life, and energy surges from the brain downward through the spinal cord.  If the spine is in good alignment the brain will act like a generator of electricity to send power from above, down and from the inside out.  Life flows from the brain down through the spine and out to the organs to enliven us.

Dump Diet Sodas

Don’t drink diet soda.  It’s synthetic garbage.  If you can’t read or pronounce the ingredients on the label, then don’t put it in your body.


Giggle, laugh and bust a gut.  This will release pain killing chemicals called endorphins in your body.  If nothing seems funny, find a child so you can relearn how to laugh and live.  Children are experts at having fun, that’s their job.  They laugh from 250-400 times a day, one long laugh.  Where did all your laughs go?  How many times did you laugh today?

Have a laugh.  You don’t need a joke or excuse.  You can just laugh right now.  It’s good for you.

Day Dream

Visualize something beautiful.  Close your eyes and see a tropical garden, beach, or your favorite place in the world.  See yourself in your ideal local, bathed in energy.

Help Someone

If you serve someone who can’t repay you, you will enjoy more energy in your life.  Volunteer, or go out of your way for a child or infirmed person.  Serve them just for the sake of doing it.  You will gain energy from it.  Lose yourself in service.

Get To Work

Decide to use one of the above “Power Tools.”  Little hinges swing big doors.  One little change in your life can have enormous impact on your energy level.

Inside each of us is a tremendous miracle of life, love, and healing.  Decide to release that power today.

This guest post is by:  Dr. Visentin, D.C., a Denver chiropractor.  If you are interested in learning more visit; www.carechirorpactic.com.


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