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The Most Common Cause Of Back Pain

One of the most common and painful causes of back pain in Denver is a disc bulge or herniation. A disc herniation is when the outer edges of the disc are worn away over time, ultimately exposing the nerves. According to MRI studies, as many as 37% of the American population have a disc bulge or herniation, with the vast majority of those diagnosed not reporting any pain. On the other hand, the people who are experiencing pain often describe it as severe and intense.

The type of pain that is experienced due to a disc herniation depends on the type and position of the herniation. If the damaged disc is irritating a surrounding nerve, shooting pain and weakness in the legs may develop.

Unfortunately, herniation can be very difficult to reverse, but chiropractic care has been shown to prevent the advancement of the herniation, and provide relief from the associated pain.

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Back Pain Denver CO

Whether it is located in your upper, middle, or lower back, most people in Denver will experience some form of back pain in their life. In fact, an estimated 32 million Americans are currently suffering with back pain at this moment. Back pain has become the #1 cause of disability in the United States, and is quickly becoming a major concern for many people. This article will lay out what causes low back pain, how to prevent it, and what the best form of treatment is once it has developed.

What is the Cause of Back Pain?

The number of potential injuries, misalignments, and conditions that could cause back pain seems endless. Tendons, ligaments, discs, muscles, and bones can all become irritated or damaged throughout a lifetime, through repetitive stress or sudden, severe trauma.

Conditions such as obesity, arthritis, kidney stones, and urinary tract infections have been shown to cause symptoms of low back pain, so these are all potential issues that you and your healthcare provider will need to take into account.


Subluxations are one of the most commonly overlooked contributors to back pain. Essentially, when a vertebra is out of position, it can cause a lot of pain and impede your movement. Subluxations can occur anywhere in the spine, and can be caused by physical trauma, stress, and toxins. The time frame to correct subluxation varies, depending on both the individual, the severity of the subluxation and other factors.

Muscular Sprains and Tendon or Ligament Strains

Strains and sprains can occur in anyone, but they typically occur in people who engage in tasks that their body is not accustomed to or pushing themselves too hard.  Ligament sprains are typically caused by stretching and tearing the ligament. Muscular strains are commonly caused by improper lifting form. Strains and sprains can be quite painful, and are often accompanied by swelling and bruising of the surrounding area. On the upside, strains and sprains are rarely serious and typically respond very well to chiropractic care.

Your Back Pain Story Can Have a Happy Ending Too

Don’t give up! With the right program you could get back to leading an active, fun life again.

Dealing With Stress From Back Pain

People with chronic stress have a very different physiological profile than those who don't. Elevated stress levels have been shown to contribute to the development of heart disease, digestive issues, depression, obesity, and back pain. The tension produced by chronic stress causes a contraction of muscle tissue, creating “trigger points” which can be extremely painful.

If you are suffering from back pain in Denver or have any further questions, please contact our team at Care Chiropractic today to schedule a consultation.

Just a Few Back Pain Success Stories

patient testimonial judy c

I love Dr. V and his staff, they are caring. When I started care I couldn’t lay flat, get up without help, or walk standing up straight. Now I feel WONDERFUL. I can do all the things I used to do. THANK YOU DR. V!

Dr. V is kind and seems to genuinely care about his patients. The staff members are very helpful and make the experience welcoming. I’m new to chiropractic care, but so far feel hopeful about getting better without medications or invasive interventions.

patient testimonial cheryl storey
patient testimonial david horneck

I went to see Dr. V after a fall skiing put me in severe back pain. I have had back surgery before and I felt like I was headed down that path again. Dr. V. He had me walking upright in less than a week and skiing in less than two as he promised.

Easy Tips For Preventing Back Pain In Denver

Watch How You Lift

Poor lifting technique is a common cause of lower back strains and sprains, so it is important to observe proper form when lifting heavy objects. No matter what you are lifting, try to keep your back straight and use your legs to do the bulk of the work. Often when we get tired, the legs are used less and less, but you’re asking for a back injury if you stop using your legs. It’s also important not to twist your body when holding a heavy object. If you must turn, move your feet until your body is facing the right direction.

Avoid Prolonged Sitting

Generally speaking, people sit far more than they used to. Many professions require long hours at a computer and it can take a toll on your health. The human body is designed to move, so when you sit all day long you’re compressing the discs in your spine. Obviously, everyone can’t switch professions, but you can get up and walk around a little each hour during the day to take some pressure off. If you’d like more back pain tips contact our Denver chiropractic team.