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Don’t Google “Denver Chiropractor Near Me”

December 6, 2021

Don’t Google “Denver Chiropractor Near Me” Selecting a “Denver Chiropractor”, or “Denver Chiropractor Near Me” from Google is not specific enough! Experience is critical. True masters of chiropractic have helped at least 10,000 patients. At Care Chiropractic in Denver, we’ve helped over 20,000. Robert Greene the author of “Mastery” says “There are no short cuts…

Chiropractic Risks and Benefits in Denver

Trust The Science

November 8, 2021

Trust The Science Trust The Science There is a growing body of scientific research that proves chiropractic; relieves pain, is safe and cost effective. Stop Pain Naturally! The American College of Physicians recognizes chiropractic for the treatment of severe, sharp, achy and stiff pain. Scientists and doctors recommend chiropractic, rather than drugs and surgery. Feel…

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Don’t Get Old Before Your Time

October 20, 2021

Don’t Get Old Before Your Time Denver chiropractors know why some people age rapidly and others seem to have found the secret to eternal youth.  It has to do with balance.  If your body is balanced, you’ll tend to be and stay healthy.  You’ll mature slowly and not notice the passage of time. Go to…

Is It Just Back Pain in Denver?

Don’t Try This At Home

October 13, 2021

Don’t Try This At Home I was called at 3am to help two men who were in screaming pain. I opened my center to them because of the severity of their conditions.  They were drunk and attempted to do what Doctors of Chiropractic in Denver do every day; adjust the spine. Chiropractic is an art. …

Back Pain Tips from a Chiropractor

My Back Hurts But What’s The Big Deal?

October 6, 2021

My Back Hurts But What’s The Big Deal? The big deal is YOUR BRAIN MAY BE SHRINKING TOO! A study done in the Journal of Neuroscience 2004 shows the brain can shrink as much as 11% with long term back pain.  Chronic back pain in Denver is associated with decreased brain function. When Are You…

Chiropractic Denver CO Auto Accident

What Are The Worst Kinds of Accidents?

October 4, 2021

What Are The WorstKinds of Accidents in Denver? Accident doctors in Denver study how people get hurt. This special report reveals the most dangerous Denver/Aurora car accidents. What Are The Worst Kinds of Accidents in Denver? Rear Impact Crashes: Scientists feel that these wrecks are worse for occupants than being hit head on. This is…