5 Red Flags Of A “Shady” Chiropractor in Denver CO

5 Red Flags Of A "Shady" Chiropractor In Denver CO

Chiropractic Denver CO 5 Red Flags

There are so many terrific chiropractors in Denver CO, it’s difficult or impossible to find a “shady” one. Having said that, here is a list of my least favorite types.

Least Favorite Types Of Chiropractors in Denver CO

  • "The Wimpy Chiropractor”: He is so shy, he won’t tell you when to return! You can stay ahead of problems and even get them fixed with the right guidance. If you’re going to a chiropractor who hasn’t mentioned an ideal course of care, ask him/her!
  • The “Cash-Only Doctor” (Will Not Accept Insurance): According to the U.S. Census Bureau, over 90% of Americans have insurance. What kind of doctor doesn’t “accept” insurance?
  • The “Inflexible” Doctor: Another pet peeve I have, is doctors who don’t offer different styles of adjusting. Some patients need firm traditional care, while others need something gentler, like an adjustment using an instrument.
  • The “Your Pain Is Not Real” Doctor: Doctors who don’t recognize that most patients have real pain, are self-centered! The number one talent a chiropractor should have is empathy. They should understand what patients are feeling and why they need care.
  • “The Inaccessible Doctor”: Finally, I dislike doctors who are in stuffy office buildings. I hate looking for parking, riding smelly elevators, and paying for the privilege to leave my car parked. I realize this is silly, but I hate inconvenience.

If you’ve read this far, you might be wondering what kind of chiropractor I am. I’m not perfect but I do the following to help as many patients as I can with quality care;

  1. I offer care plans to patients who want to correct their spines.
  2. I work with all insurance companies that work with me.
  3. I offer patients traditional and advanced adjustments using a gentle hand-held instrument.
  4. I realize patients are coming to me because they hurt, and want relief as soon as possible.
  5. I’ve located my center near 2 supermarkets where everyone shops. It has lots of free parking and you won’t need to climb stairs or take an elevator to get care. I’m open mornings and evenings from Monday to Friday.

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