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Ever wonder what doctor would be best qualified to help you after a car accident? Here’s information you probably won’t get anywhere else.

Medical Treatment

You might receive medical care if you’re involved in an accident. A doctor will prescribe drugs and see how things work out. If you don’t feel better you may be sent for P.T. or an M.R.I. You may also be referred to one of the following specialists;


Although neurologists can be very helpful in diagnosing complex diseases of the nervous system like “stroke”, they seem to know very little about whiplash.

Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedists may not recognize the seriousness of your condition. Although they are very good for broken bones and dislocations, they are not always helpful with more common accident related pain.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) Doctors

These are the most qualified medical doctors for accident related pain. The most progressive PMR doctors work with doctors of chiropractic to get the best results for trauma victims.


These doctors deal in nerve blocks. They also perform procedures like radiofrequency neurotomy and epidural steroid injections. Unfortunately, these techniques can be dangerous; nerve blocks, like other medical procedures, are not risk-free. There is a possibility of side effects and complications from the procedures, needle punctures, and medications used. Complications include:

  • Infection
  • Allergic reactions and
  • Increased pain

-In some cases of a badly compressed nerve, particularly of the sciatic nerve, the nerve block process itself can be very painful. The injection of drugs near the nerve root temporarily compresses it before dispersing; this compression can momentarily cause severe pain until the drug takes effect.


These doctors are terrific for spinal surgery, but have little interest in helping common accident victims.

Why Medicine Often Fails

Many times after accidents ordinary doctors take a “watch and wait” approach to care. They tell victims, “take these pills and you’ll be fine”. They lose precious time in delay tactics that lead to complex pain problems. Over 50% of people involved in serious accidents develop arthritic problems that could have been avoided with proper care.

Physical Therapy

It’s important to remember in the United States physical therapists are not physicians or primary healthcare providers.
For whiplash in particular, traditional physical therapy has not been proven to be particularly effective.

Proper Chiropractic Care after Accidents

It just makes sense, if a problem was caused by a sudden jolt to the spine, it should be remedied by a doctor who gently realigns it.
Since the time of Hippocrates, people have understood the benefits of the care that a doctor skilled in the art of spinal alignment can provide the sick and injured. Doctors of chiropractic help 36% of all whiplash victims even though they represent just 7% of the doctors in the U.S. They are the recognized leaders in spinal health and are exceptionally well suited to provide care after whiplash.

My Background

After graduating from Boston University with honors, I attended one of the finest schools for four additional academic years of education and training.

Here is a sampling of my curriculum; functional anatomy, biomechanics, histology, human biochemistry, neuroscience, radiological anatomy, human physiology, pharmacotoxicology, clinical microbiology, pathology, physics, clinical imaging, orthopedics, neurology, nutritional assessment, research methods, differential diagnosis, physiological therapeutics, radiological position and technique, clinical internship, psychology, ob/gyn, pediatrics, and geriatrics.

Denver CO Chiropractor

Unlike ordinary doctors and therapists, etc. the care I provide creates normal motion in the spinal joints after trauma. This care helps victims avoid degenerative disc disease and arthritic changes that frequently follow serious accidents.

Experience Makes the Difference

For the past thirty years I’ve helped 1,000’s of accident victims. I have the highest ratings in the region in an advanced method of care that is virtually painless and is one of the most well researched.


Insurance pays for my care. Even if you have NO insurance my staff is trained in locating hidden funds.

Denver CO Chiropractor

How You May Qualify

We only accept cases we believe we can help. How will you know if you qualify for care? Mention this article and your initial exam is FREE. Waiting is dangerous and you could experience relief quickly.

This article was inspired by the research and writings of Dr. Arthur Croft, D.C.

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