What Is The Best Way To Treat Whiplash in Denver?

What Is The Best Way To
Treat Whiplash in Denver?

Whiplash Brace

According to the Journal of Orthopedic Medicine, Chiropractic is the “only proven care for chronic whiplash.” (1) See how our top Denver chiropractor Steven Visentin can treat whiplash.

Chiropractic Care in Denver CO Of Course!

An injury brought about by quick violent forces is best treated by someone skilled in realigning the vertebrae and balancing the body.

Medical Care

Certainly, drugs and surgery have a place.  Unfortunately, drugs have side effects, and surgery is dangerous.

What About P.T.?

There are some excellent therapists but most lack the experience and training in spinal “adjusting” that doctors of chiropractic have.  If you’re spine has been disrupted by an accident you need someone qualified to fix it.

Waiting is Dangerous

Most people never get proper cate for accidents.  They pretend they didn’t get hurt.  They hope and pray their pain magically disappears.

What About the Emergency Room?

Care at the emergency room may not be enough.   The majority of accident victims are told they have “no broken bones”.  People assume they are o.k. and ignore potentially serious symptoms like:

  • Headache?
  • Neck Pain or Stiffness?
  • Tingling or Numbness?
  • Grinding Sounds in Neck?
  • Nausea?
  • Dizziness?
  • Soreness or Tenderness?
  • Low Back Pain?
  • Sciatica (Leg Pain)?
  • Difficulty Concentrating?
  • Jaw Trouble?
  • Difficulty Swallowing?
  • Shoulder or Arm Pain?
  • Wrist Pain or Numbness?
  • Insomnia?
  • Ringing in the Ears?
  • Swelling or Bruising?
  • Ribcage/Chest Soreness?
  • Changes in Vision?
  • Sore Between Shoulders?
  • Tightness or Spasm?
  • Light Headedness?

The symptoms above can develop weeks even months after the wreck.  People may not even associate their pain to an accident.

If you’ve read this far, you may be wondering if you have a serious injury.  Call (303) 394-2273 if you’re in the Denver/Aurora Colorado area.  Let’s talk about your pain and see what can be done about it.  If we cannot help you, we’ll tell you so.  You have nothing to lose but the pain.

No Insurance No Problem!

We work with all automobile insurance carriers and have well-trained staff to find hidden resources for uninsured accident victims.

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 (1) Journal of Orthopedic Medicine 1999



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