Denver Car Accidents Injure Kids’ Brains

Denver Car Accidents Injure Kids’ Brains

Denver chiropractors know that too often children receive inadequate examinations after accidents. Even at local hospitals a child can be rushed through the exam process and “mild traumatic brain injuries” may be missed. This can affect their development and even lead to brain tumors later on in life. It’s serious.

Fortunately a child’s brain is more resistant to brain trauma than adults. They also tend to recover more quickly than we do from brain injury. Still it’s critical to be aware of the symptoms that can accompany these injuries so that a child can receive proper care in time.

Here is a short checklist of some of the more common things to look for after an accident involving children;

  • Prone to argue,
  • More aggressive,
  • Irritable,
  • Hit their siblings, or
  • Prone to violence.

Any of the above symptoms may mean the child has a brain injury.

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As a specialist in Denver auto accidents I’ve helped children for nearly thirty years overcome accident related injuries naturally. Our center helps kids without dangerous drugs or surgery. If you see any changes in behavior after an accident that are at all unusual for your child, call me now (303) 394-2273 (CARE). Let’s discuss it. Don’t punish them for misbehaving. 73% of children suffering brain injuries after even mild accidents will act out this way. Don’t ignore these potentially serious signs.

By Steven Visentin


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