Denver Chiropractic Helps People Avoid Colds and Flu

Denver Chiropractic Helps People Avoid Colds and Flu

Do You Have L.R.? (Low Resistance)
Most people assume chiropractic is good for low back pain. Here is a fascinating testimonial about one of the most important benefits of Denver chiropractic, protection from virus like colds and flu!

Improved Immune Function
Many patients come to us to get their backs fixed and notice they stop getting sick! Here is a verified testimonial from a patient whose immune system is finally working correctly.

My back had gone out on me one day while I was walking my dog. There seemed to be no apparent reason why this occurred so suddenly. It took everything I had to walk back to my home and rest enough to move again.

When I was able to move, I looked up chiropractors on the internet and saw that Dr. V had great reviews. I learned upon my first visit I was “subluxated” (bones out of place) as a result of an injury. I have been getting regular care which made my back stronger than it has been in years.

You may have learned to live with pain. I would urge anyone with back pain to avoid doing this. You can feel good again.

Also one more very important point, my immune system is working at full capacity again. I no longer get colds on a regular basis.

Everyone in the office is a pleasure to see and to work with.

- G. Unger

If you’re catching colds frequently and losing them slowly you may have L.R. “low resistance.”

Many people catch cold and keep it all winter. This is definitely not normal and is something that can be helped through Denver chiropractic.

The most frequent cause of low resistance is nerve interference due to spinal misalignment.

Take this test to see if you have low resistance.

1) Do you catch cold more than once a year?
2) Do you hold on to colds for more than a week?
3) Do your children bring home infections from school and pass them on to you?
4) Do you get infections on a monthly basis?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you are not normal. What you’re experiencing is not “o.k.” and potentially dangerous. You may have “L.R.”

You’re not supposed to get sick. If you do, it’s due to low resistance and there’s a lot you can do about it. You could:

  • Get more rest,
  • Wash your hands frequently,
  • Avoid touching your face with your hands.
  • Reduce your workload,
  • Avoid stressful situations and
  • See a Denver chiropractor.

All of the above activities reduce exposure to viruses and bacteria. Seeing a Denver doctor of chiropractic helps boost the immune systems function. It allows you to fight off virus, colds, flu and bacterial infections.

Scientific Proof
Scientific studies have been done on chiropractic and improved immune function including:
(NaturalNews) The nervous system and immune system are hardwired and work together to create optimal responses for the body to adapt and heal appropriately. Neural dysfunctions due to spinal misalignments are stressful to the body and cause abnormal changes that lead to a poorly coordinated immune response. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to boost the coordinated responses of the nervous system and immune system.

Kent, Christopher. Models of Vertebral Subluxation: A Review. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. August 1996, Vol 1:1. Pg. 4-5

How would you know if chiropractic might benefit you or increase your resistance to disease? You may never know, unless you check it out for yourself. Mention this article and your initial exam is FREE. Call (303) 394-2273 CARE. Waiting is dangerous. Without care your problems may get worse. With care you could feel great.

By Steven Visentin


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