Denver Chiropractor Discusses Heart Disease

Denver Chiropractor Discusses Heart Disease

A patient came to me in pain so severe he could hardly walk.  He moved slowly and puffed, his face red with the effort of walking across the room.  He was huge, shaped like a bowling ball and sweaty.

He huffed, “my back is killing me and the pain is going down my leg.”  He said, “I lift hundreds of pounds of meat every day.  I’m a butcher and I’ve been cutting meat for over twenty years.  I guess it’s catching up with me.”

I examined him and asked; “As a butcher I’m sure you get the best cuts of meat.”  He admitted, “absolutely, in fact I’ve eaten far too much of it.”  He looked downward at his enormous belly and chuckled at his predicament.   “I guess it’s all catching up with me” he admitted.

I helped him with his back.  While I was adjusting him I thought, isn’t this ironic?  His body was as big as a cows’.  He chewed his gum as if it were a cud.  He was enormous, and in so much pain from his profession.  He chopped and slaughtered thousands of cows and now it seemed like if he didn’t change, he may end up on a heart surgeon’s table.  He may end up getting “chopped on” himself?  Could this be cosmic payback for all the cows he’s slaughtered?  I didn’t have the heart to ask him.

I encouraged him to exercise and change his diet.  I outlined a better diet and advised, “Eat lots of fresh vegetables, drink water and outside of work leave the cows alone!”  He seemed to be ready for change and agreed readily with my plan.

Everything we do contributes or detracts from our health.  Making better choices is the best way to stay healthy.

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Steven Visentin
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