Denver Chiropractor Exposes Wine Industry

Denver Chiropractor Exposes Wine Industry

There Is No “Healthy” Glass of Wine

If you’d like to put on a few pounds over the holidays that may never come off, by all means have a glass of wine or two. Wine is not a health food. It adds extra calories to your diet and lowers your resistance to eating things you’ll probably regret.

Don’t Be Fooled

The wine industry wants people to believe their product is different from other forms of alcohol. They want you to think it’s like food, and has various nutritional properties that make it an excellent choice for sophisticates (like yourself). They are quick to point out good chemicals that rotten grapes have. What they don’t mention is the terrifying down side of all alcohol products, including wine.

Have You Noticed?

The wine industry is proud of the fact a glass of wine is about 130 calories. What they don’t mention is;

  • Alcohol stimulates the appetite and
  • Loosens you up so you eat more.

After drinking, you might have a dessert you would have ordinarily said no to. You just might have it ala mode, after all how could you resist?

Another factor that’s glossed over, is how sleepy and tired it makes you. After drinking a few glasses you may not feel like going out and dancing off the calories or even walking them off.

What If You Had A Hangover Before You Took A Drink?

I doubt many people would drink if they got the hangover first. The only reason why people drink is because the initial effects are somewhat pleasurable. Have one glass too many and you’re going to notice mal-effects the next day. You may not feel like working out. Do this a few times and you’ll quickly pack on those holiday pounds that may never come off.

Look Into The Abyss

Imagine the worst. I recommend if you want to limit your intake of wine and other alcoholic products, go to a bar and strike up a conversation with someone who’s obviously gone too far. Take a good hard look at them and decide if this is worth it? If you can moderate your drinking by all means do so. If you’re part of the 10% who can’t, than your only choice is to abstain from what for you is a deadly poison.

Say No Thanks!

People pushing you to drink are definitely not your friends. If you’re with a crowd who likes to drink, saying “no thanks” should be enough. If it’s not, you’ll be sober enough to get away from them fast.

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