Denver Disc Herniations

Denver Disc Herniations


Our patients are getting terrific results with discal herniations. This condition is a bulging of the soft jelly like material that separates the bones of the spine. It can irritate the nerves that supply the arms and/or legs.

How Do Discs Herniate?

Disc problems can run in families. Often they are brought on by repetitive activities of bending and twisting. Car wrecks can cause discs to herniate and being overweight can be a factor.

What Symptoms Are Commonly Found With Disc Herniations?

Many times discs can protrude and cause no pain. When they do cause symptoms, it’s mostly in the arm or leg. Patients describe numbness, tingling or burning sensations. It can cause weakness over time as well.

Can Chiropractic Care Help A Patient With Disc Herniation?

We love helping patients with this all too common problem. We get such good results it’s rare that we have to send them to a surgeon. The care we provide is virtually painless and allows patients to stand straight again. They go back to golfing, bowling, chopping wood and full active lives.

What Are Some Steps A Patient With A possible Disc Herniation Should take?

If you have a disc herniation in the lower back avoid sitting, bending and twisting. People with disc herniations in the neck benefit from special pillows doctors of chiropractic prescribe.

Most importantly call your doctor of chiropractic as soon as possible to get proper corrective care for this painful condition. If you’re in the Denver area call (303) 394-2273 to see if you qualify for the advanced methods we offer.

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