Denver Whiplash Self-Care Secrets

Denver Whiplash Self-Care Secrets

Many Denver accident doctors overlook telling patients what they can do to help themselves. If you’ve been involved in a Denver accident, here are 7 ways of helping yourself heal as quickly and completely as possible.

Self-Care Secret #1
You spend a third of your life in bed. Use a high quality chiropractic pillow to help restore proper alignment to your neck bones.

Self-Care Secret #2
Avoid falling asleep on the couch or sofa. This can twist your spine and delay healing. Reading in bed is also hard on the neck and shoulder joints.

Self-Care Secret #3
Watch how you move. Repeated bending and stooping may slow your progress. Squatting and working on your hands and knees are activities that you may have to work up to after a Denver accident.

Self-Care Secret #4
Even activities like holding your child can increase stress on the spine. Put the baby in a carriage or spend time with the baby on you or next to you in bed. Using a front or back pack may also reduce stress.

Self-Care Secret #5
Postpone activities like house painting and wall papering. If your Denver accident doctor gave you time off work, don’t start major home projects. Go home and rest.

Self-Care Secret #6
Avoid sports that can re-injure you like: motorcycle racing, rugby, football, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing and basketball. Ask your Denver accident doctor about gentler sports like swimming or stationary bicycling. Gentle activities may help you recover.

Self-Care Secret #7
Limit lifting to objects that won’t aggravate your back. Keep your back straight, use your legs and breathe when lifting. Ask for help if you need it, or let someone else do it if necessary.

Listen to your Denver whiplash specialist. If you’re unsure about anything ask first.
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