20 Things I Do To Be "Denver's Best Chiropractor"

Chiropractor Denver CO Steven Visentin Why Make Whiplash WorseThis title is subjective and no one can claim to be “the best”. Here’s what I do to strive to be the finest doctor in Denver CO for my patients.

  1. I focus on my clients, encourage and empower them.
  2. I put my heart and soul into each adjustment.
  3. I provide precision care with total concentration.
  4. I train my staff consistently in order to better serve the infirmed.
  5. I provide FREE self-care information including exercise programs on Instagram and You Tube.
  6. I create an optimistic atmosphere so people walkaway uplifted.
  7. I help as many people as I can with quality affordable care. I also bill insurance.
  8. I don’t gossip and always maintain patient’ privacy.
  9. I study to provide the best care. I get 15 or more classroom hours a year.
  10. I make daily improvements to provide a superior clinical experience.
  11. I act as a role model by doing the same exercises and diet programs I ask people under my care to do.
  12. Of course, I regularly use words like “please” and “thank you”.
  13. I accept responsibility and give credit to others.
  14. I accentuate the positive.
  15. I keep my promises.
  16. I’m an active listener.
  17. I deliver results.
  18. I’m kind, polite, and gracious.
  19. I’m dependable.
  20. I make every moment count with people under my care.

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Care Chiropractic
1411 Krameria Street
Denver, CO 80220
(303) 394-2273