Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

By: Care Chiropractic

One of the hottest topics for readers today is the idea of finding your purpose.

Purpose being some idea or mission that you feel compelled to pursue, with passion and constant unending desire.  It's often described as a never-ending inner fire to pursue and accomplish something.

Chiropractors often started their pursuit of chiropractic care as a patient themselves - or even as a daughter or son of a family of chiropractors - or after having a loved one experience healing through chiropractic.

Others fall in love with the story of inside-out healing.

That's how chiropractic - and health and healing - so often becomes more than a job.  It becomes a purpose.

But purpose is not always as straight-forward as the bookstore shelves makes it out to be.

Purpose can be portrayed as this 'final destination'.  Once you get there, everything becomes permanently full of roses, excitement and adventurous success.

But real purpose is not always like that.  It involves challenges. The challenge of bringing change to the world, and other people.

And, often times, other people are resistant to change.  They may not be ready. Or even resistant to change.  They may not have the same passion and excitement for your purpose that you do.

Having a purpose isn't what it is made out to be by many of the self-help gurus.  Something that we long for that fills us with joy and constant excitement.  Certainly, those should be there sometimes.

But just as much, purpose is filled with grinding.  With setbacks.  With challenges.

And it's with those that makes the successes of purpose truly meaningful.

Not just having fanciful excitement all the time.  No, the benefits of purpose are the feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment of overcoming challenges.

Of brining a unique idea to people that would have never been able to consider it the same way without you.

And then executing on that idea with precision and unique abilities.

Purpose is taking a big idea, bringing it to those who need and want it, and just haven't been able to access it yet.  And then being able to follow up with tangible real-life skills to put the idea to life in the real world.

So, if you are looking for purpose, your chiropractor likely has a good idea of it - just know that it isn't always what it's described as.  The good parts are just as good, it just comes more uphill climb than many are ready for.  Otherwise, without the challenge, it would be easy to find.


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