Denver Chiropractor’s Perspective on Moon Landing and Apollo 11’s Anniversary

What a Chiropractor can help

It’s been fifty years since we visited the moon but that defining moment changed everyone who witnessed it.  It gave us hope that we could accomplish the unimaginable.

It was done with 50 year old technology.  Just think, your cell phone is more sophisticated than anything those astronauts and engineers had.  We accomplished the impossible with computers you’d be embarrassed to own!

Technology Advancement in Denver CO

As sophisticated as we’ve become technologically, we still can’t create life or even one cell.  Things your body does daily are well beyond our grasp.  As astounding as our achievements have been, there is wonder within each of us that surpasses anything mankind has accomplished!

Celebrate this anniversary but realize the real “miracle” is behind your eyeballs, and inside your skin.  Your body is a wonder that no robot or computer today can equal.

As a Denver chiropractor I’m honored to activate the self-healing systems that keep people healthy over a lifetime.  I call this “turning on the power”.  The “technology” that sustains you moment by moment is still the pinnacle achievement of all time.  While you wonder at N.A.S.A.’s achievement, never take yourself for granted


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