Top Landmarks To Visit In Denver

Must see landmarks in Denver, CO

Denver is a renowned tourist attraction. It was founded in the year 1858 by a group of gold prospectors from Georgia. It is located in between Adams and Jefferson counties along the banks of South Platte River in the proximity of Rocky Hills. The gold prospectors made great inventions which up-to date remain to be among the major tourist attractions in the United States. There are several landmarks that are worth visiting if one happens to visit the city on the weekend.

Let’s first have an overview of Denver Mountain Park; it is a beautiful landmark with Gorgios Rocky Mountains. In this park, tourists explore the nature from the mountains viewpoints where they can see attractive features including roaming pathways going through the old stones. Moreover, you may encounter wild animals such as the buffaloes, the deer, and the monkeys. You can also visit the town in the neighborhood including Buffalo Bill Museum. Visitors should not ignore place if they pay a visit to Denver, CO.

Cheesman Park is yet another location you can visit while in Denver. Visitors enjoy the site by participating in numerous activities such as taking part in nature walks, watching water reflections in the morning, and strolling in the flower gardens. The grass in the park is well-maintained making it ideal for a number of sports such as lawn tennis, volleyball, sunbathing and doing yoga. It’s a great place to meet new friends and have fun in the open spaces and fresh air.

Mount Evans is another beautiful place to visit; the mountain is adjacent to Denver city. It is approximately a one hour drive from Denver. Visitors enjoy the ride along the ups and downs of the mountain. You also need to prepare to limit your driving speed due to the nature of that area; you are likely to encounter a number of animals crossing the road. Besides, there are also many attractive scenic locations along the way that include the grand vistas and wildlife. You also need to be drive-cautious over the weekends due to the long traffic jams in the roads within the city.

If you plan to visit Denver on a weekend, make a point to visit Larimer square. There are numerous scenery to enjoy here. The street is full of colored lamps and flower beds which make it very appealing. There are good hotels that offer a huge variety of foods where you can settle for lunch or dinner.

Clyfford Still Museum is a place worth not ignoring on you Denver, CO visit. It harbors thousands of artwork and paintings by a number of American artisans. Kids are barred from visiting some art sections of the museum. For that reason, the museum has a kids’ section with appropriate artifacts to view. It provides both educational and historical lace to your visit. There are always guides available on site to help you have an understanding of the paintings and arts on display.

16th street mall is a colorful and a very clean mall located at the center of the Denver city. It’s full of live bands designed to make your atmosphere more relaxing and enjoyable. This place provides a perfect opportunity for you to have fun and also do some. There are also plenty of restaurants within the mall to help you find it easier to get a meal to cure your hunger. The mall also has a number of pubs from which you can make orders for drinks to cool you down and please your soul. The shopping space is ample thus making it convenient to move up and down while doing your shopping.

Denver is for sure the place to be for a weekend. The above, are just but a few places that tourists can pay a visit while in the city. However, caution should be taken at some places that may pose some danger to you. Always remember to include Tour guides in all your tours.

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