Denver Whiplash Doctor Tells All

Denver Whiplash Doctor Tells All

Auto Accident in Denver CO

Denver accident doctors know secrets insurance companies rarely disclose.  If you’ve been in a Denver accident read this special report carefully.

Hit From Behind?  – You’re at risk!

Even though rear-end accidents comprise about 25% of crashes, they account for 38.7% of the injuries.  They also make up 64% of sick leave days!

Denver Chiropractor Explains Who Gets Hurt Worse

Check this list of factors that are associated with a greater risk of injury in a Denver car accident.

  • Women get hurt more than men.
  • Women who weigh less than 130lbs are at greater risk in frontal crashes.
  • Tall females get hurt worse.
  • People who have had prior neck injuries or Denver whiplash are definitely at increased risk.
  • Older individuals are especially prone to injury.
  • If you were slumped forward at the time of the Denver accident you’re at special risk.
  • If your head was turned during the crash, that’s bad too.
  • If you didn’t see the  Denver accident coming, your chances of being hurt are greater.

If You Had No Insurance, You Can Still Get Care

If you’ve had an accident recently, my Denver accident clinic is ready to help you with or without insurance.  My staff is trained at finding hidden resources to help you recover as quickly and completely as possible.  Call (303) 394-2273.

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