The 7 ‘Big Mistakes’ Most People Make In Selecting A Car Accident Lawyer in Denver CO

The 7 'Big Mistakes' Most People Make In Selecting A Car Accident Lawyer In Denver CO

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If you’ve been hurt in a Denver CO car accident, don’t make these mistakes.

7 Big Mistakes People In Denver CO Make

After they realize they are hurt, most accident victims get on Google and enter these words;

  • Personal injury attorney
  • Car accident attorney
  • Injury lawyer
  • Accident lawyer or
  • Personal injury lawyers, etc.

THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE! Of course, you’ll find a law firm but will it be the best one for you?

How To Choose the Very Best?
Here’s the secret most big law firms will never tell you. The best Denver accident lawyers don’t have to advertise! They have established practices and rely upon satisfied clients for referrals!

Here’s Something Else They Don’t Want You to Know!
You may not get quality service at the largest law firms. You may NOT EVEN GET TO SEE A REAL LAWYER! The best law firms will take your case seriously and give you the attention you deserve, but how do you know who to call?

The biggest law firms in town have huge budgets for advertising. Their names are plastered on buses, you see them on television, and hear their names over and over again on the radio.

If they were good, why would they have to advertise so heavily? Worse than that, their ads are unbelievable: “We won a GAZILLION DOLLARS and can get you MORE!”

Sometimes accident victims will seek out their family lawyer for advice. Family lawyers don’t have the experience to handle a serious accident injury case and may not get you justice.

Fearful about selecting the right lawyer, many try to handle the case on their own, (even lawyers are reluctant to do this!) It’s dangerous because you don’t know the law, or what your rights are.

After watching endless hours of car insurance commercials, a few unfortunate accident victims will believe; they have “a good neighbor” or they are with the “good hands” people, etc. They’ll trust their insurance adjuster to treat them fairly. Unfortunately, they don’t.

Many will wait till their pain magically “disappears”. They live in denial and pray nothing will come of their significant injuries. Meanwhile their problems get worse. Yikes!

Giving up is the worst thing you can do. Deciding it’s not “worth it”, etc. This is horrible, fearful thinking. You have to stand up for yourself and ask for help when you need it, especially when it’s not your field of expertise. If you’re confused about who to call, give my center a call. We work with best lawyers in Denver who specialize in personal injury. Attorney’s we work with don’t get paid till you get paid, and usually cost you nothing out of pocket. We’ll tell you who the good ones are.

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