Over 50,000 Car Accidents a Year in Denver CO!

Over 50,000 Car Accidents a Year in Denver CO!

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The overwhelming majority of car accidents in Denver CO are due to driver negligence. We’re not paying attention!

Yesterday as I drove to work, I passed a car that was totally crushed. Minutes before I arrived, it collided with an unexpected driver.

The victim was obviously upset. I stopped and offered help in the form of an ice pack, advice about waiting for the police, and a possible check-up at the emergency room.

So, What’s the Point?

This was another needless crash! Someone was going much faster than the posted limit (20 mph) and plowed into her!

Chiropractic Denver CO Car Accident

← Yikes! This is what I saw.

Yikes! This is what I saw.

Can I Be Completely Honest With You?

We would be much better off if people DID NOT:

  • Talk on cell phones while driving,
  • Text,
  • Move objects and animals in the vehicle,
  • Adjust audio and climate controls,
  • Reach for objects or devices while driving and
  • Stare out the window at wrecks!

Don’t Worry, There’s a Solution in Denver CO!

Drive as if there is someone you dearly love and respect in the car with you. Act as if you are a professional driver for your favorite performer, artist, or public figure. Would you do your best to get them to their destination safely?

I’m Going to Share a Secret With You

You should treat yourself and your family at least as well as a celebrity you hardly know.

Drive defensively realizing that many others are not paying attention.

Who Do You Know Who’s Had an Accident?

One family in ten will be involved in a crash this year. Make sure it’s not yours.

Call me if you or someone you know has had an accident. The exam at the emergency room is not enough to detect the “hidden injuries” that can appear weeks or months after the collision. Call (303) 394-2273.


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