The 7 Biggest Lies About Whiplash in Denver

The 7 Biggest Lies About Whiplash in Denver CO

Auto Injury Treatment

Lie #1 If there is no damage to the car, that means the occupant(s) are fine.

This is simply not true. Science has shown that vehicular damage is not a good indicator of whether or not there are injuries. No damage to the vehicle often means all of the force in the collision was concentrated on the people inside. In fact, the best vehicles are meant to collapse on impact and absorb forces that would otherwise hurt the occupant(s).

Lie #2 Most “whiplash” is a fraud, people are making it up.

An insurance funded study showed that this is also untrue. Their study showed the amount of fraudulent claims is less than 10%.

Lie #3 If you’re drunk, you won’t get hurt as much.

People believe if they are relaxed they will have less injury, but this is false as well. If you are ready for the accident and you tighten your muscles before impact, you will sustain less injury. Much like a football player who braces himself for a tackle, you will be better off.

Lie #4 “The emergency room doctor said there were no broken bones. I must be o.k. then.”

Just because the x-rays were negative for fracture, does not mean the tissues that hold the bones together are not damaged. Injuries to the tissues surrounding the spine can be more serious than any fracture. They take longer to heal and don’t heal as well as bones do.

Lie #5 “Because my headaches came on weeks after the accident, they couldn’t be related.”

Pain from an accident can start weeks or even months after the event. Inflammatory changes take place deep in the joints and occur over time. These hidden injuries can lead to lifetime pain.

Lie #6 Seeing a medical doctor or physical therapist is good enough for most accident related injuries.

Chiropractic care has been proven to help with chronic whiplash. If bones are out of alignment from an accident, doctors of chiropractic are the obvious choice.

Lie #7 “I’ve been in an accident and my neck hurts. I’m just waiting and hoping the pain will go away.”

Living in denial, and hoping a problem resolves without professional care is the biggest lie. You may suffer “post traumatic osteoarthritis” by delaying proper care. This type of arthritis can strike years after an accident.

If you’ve been in an accident, don’t get hurt twice. Getting the right kind of care immediately after injury is the most important step in regaining your health. Call (303) 394-CARE (2273).

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