The 7 Things You Must Do After a Denver Car Accident

The 7 Things You Must Do After a Denver Car Accident


Gather Information and Get Proper Care
1. Record the date and time of the collision, note the location of the collision (direction of travel, lane number, street address).
2. Write down driver’s license number and state of issue of other motorists, collect their dates of birth, addresses and phone numbers. If witnesses are available be sure to obtain their names and phone numbers.
3. Note insurance company name and agent’s name of other motorists, policy numbers, expiration dates; policy holder’s name and addresses.
4. Get names and addresses of passengers in other vehicles. Description of their vehicles (make, model, year, license plate numbers, state of issue, and any other unusual features).
5. Estimate the amount of property damage and its location to your vehicle and others involved by using a simple diagram or drawing. If police officers are on the scene, write down their names and badge numbers for future reference.
6. Document any apparent injuries to persons involved in the collision, especially yourself.
7. Go to the emergency room if necessary and always follow up with care at an established clinic that specializes in accident related injuries.

Our clinic recently celebrated its 30th anniversary of helping people after accidents. We don’t accept every case, only the ones we feel sure we can help. It’s important to get care right away, waiting can be dangerous. Many of our patients notice relief quickly.

Insurance pays for accident related care. Even if you had no insurance, our team is skilled at locating hidden funds to allow for proper care. Call (303) 394-CARE (2273), waiting is dangerous.

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