Using The Computer With Denver Whiplash

Using The Computer With Denver Whiplash

While you’re on line there are things you can do to help yourself with Denver whiplash pain. Here are 7 secrets you can use to reduce spinal stress while at the computer.

Secret #1
Use a chair with rests for your arms. Without arm rests, shoulder muscles get tired fast and make Denver accident pain worse.

Secret #2
Keep your paper work and screen at the same distance from your eyes. If you have to refocus your eyes going back and forth, you’ll get tired faster.

Secret #3
Get up and stretch frequently. Don’t work over 45 minutes without interruption. Set the timer on your computer and take regular breaks. If you need stretching exercises call (303) 394-2273. We’ll give you the best ones.

Secret #4
Avoid glare on your screen from windows, lights, etc… Use a large type face to make your work easier. Eye strain from glare or small type can cause neck muscles to tighten and make whiplash worse.

Secret #5
If you wear glasses, ask your optometrist for a special pair just for the computer. This relieves stress on the small neck muscles that support the skull. Call Dr. Janice Jarrett if you’re in the Denver CO area, (303) 333-9898. For more information see

Secret #6
If your work involves phone use, a hands-free headset is essential. Have your employer purchase one.

Secret #7
If you’re still struggling - call your chiropractor. Regular chiropractic care can help delay or eliminate arthritic changes that follow Denver accidents.

Follow these tips when at the computer to heal quickly after Denver whiplash.

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