How to Avoid Denver Back Surgery

How to Avoid Denver Back Surgery

According to the Mayo/clinic very few people actually need spinal surgery. They also point out having your back chopped on, often fails to relieve back pain. Back surgery is dangerous and in many instances needless. The most important question to ask yourself is “how can I avoid it?”

Modern Chiropractic Is Scientific
A recent research study by Keeney, comparing like cases proved; if you saw a doctor of chiropractic first, your chances of avoiding a knife in your back were much better.

Scientists and doctors know if a worker went to a surgeon first, he’d get chopped on 42.7% of the time in the three years following that visit. Workers who visited a doctor of chiropractic first, required surgery only 1.5% of the time in the next 3 years! How important is it to see a Denver chiropractor first for your back pain? It’s very important. Surgery can be devastating.

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By Steven Visentin


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