Bad Advice Can Mess Up Your Back

Bad Advice Can Mess Up Your Back

Denver chiropractor reveals 7 “fatal errors” in treating back pain

It’s amazing how common home remedies and advice from friends and relatives can cause serious back problems. Here are 7 myths about back care that may be holding you back.

Big Mistake #1
“Put a heating pad on it.”
This is probably the worst idea. This therapy exposes the nervous system to electrical fields which may adversely affect your health.

Dry heat can also pool fluids and cause swollen joints.

Big Mistake #2
“Rest in bed.”
In most cases of low back pain, bed rest does more harm than good. It leads to rapid deconditioning of the muscles and slower recovery.

Big Mistake #3
“Take pills.”
All drugs have side effects. For example anti-inflammatories cause;
1. An increased risk of death, the risk is highest with Vioxx, Celebrex and Voltaren (Diclofenac)...
2. Risk for hospitalization because of heart attack is highest for Naproxen (Aleve).
3. Any NSAID use increases the risk of congestive heart failure and heart attack.
4. NSAID’s most common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, decreased appetite, rash, dizziness, headache, and drowsiness. NSAIDs may also cause fluid retention, leading to edema.
5. The most serious side effects are kidney failure, liver failure, ulcers and prolonged bleeding after an injury or surgery.

Big Mistake #4
“Get injections.”
Steroids have side effects like;
- Infection,
- Dural puncture (a hole in the protective lining of the nervous system),
- Bleeding,
- Nerve damage,
- Localized increase in pain,
- Headaches,
- Facial flushing,
- Anxiety,
- Sleeplessness,
- Fever,
- High blood sugar,
- Decrease in immunity,
- Stomach ulcers,
- Severe arthritis of the hips (avascular necrosis) and
- Cataracts.

Big Mistake #5
“See Your Medical Doctor.”
Seeing an ordinary doctor is a good idea if you want drugs or surgery. Unfortunately all drugs have side effects and surgery is dangerous. Go to the most natural way first.

Big Mistake #6
“Wait, and hope the pain goes away.”
Every movement in time your spine is out of alignment your body is degenerating. Waiting is dangerous.

Every day in my Denver chiropractic clinic I see people who say “I wish I would have started earlier. Why did I wait so long?”

Big Mistake #7
“See a physical therapist.”
Be careful, in the United States physical therapists are not considered primary health care providers.

Without Care Your Problems May Get Worse

Give our center a call and see how good you could feel when you finally address the cause of your back pain. Call (303) 394-2273 now. Decide to move ahead and fix the problem.

By Steven Visentin


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