Blog Discussions on Back Pain

Blog Discussions on Back Pain

Back Pain Testimonial

I suffered an injury to my lower back and neck from long-distance running in the late 1970’s. I wore down the disks, and my back steadily declined. I could not even walk without great pain and even then slowly.

A friend suggested that I visit Dr. Visentin for an evaluation. He found that my condition was approaching its worst point. The lower vertebrae were growing together.

After almost a year of being under his very professional and caring treatment, I can readily say my back is not a problem! Before it was always a constant “in the background pain and annoyance” and sometimes a big pain and discomfort. I thank God and Dr. V. – Reuben D.

Why Does My Back “Go Out” Without Any Warning?

Have you ever bent down to pick something up as light as a pen and your back goes into intense spasm, making it impossible to stand up straight again? Was the pencil really heavy enough to induce all that pain in your back? No, of course not. It was just the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak.

The discs between your spinal vertebrae do not have a lot of nerves supplying them, so until you get a full disc herniation, you may not have any pain even with a significant amount of tissue damage. Over time you get micro tears in the disc fibers from improper lifting techniques or other stresses on your back. If the tears reach the middle of the disc, the nucleus pulposus, a fluid-like center protrudes to the surrounding fibers and nerves. It is kind of like acid on a wire. All of a sudden, you feel excruciating pain and your muscles spasm to try and limit the damage that has already occurred.

How do the micro tears happen and how can I prevent them?
Micro tears in your discs happen because of decreased flexibility and stiff muscles and ligaments. They also occur from increased load on your spine with improper lifting techniques. Here are a few things that you can do to prevent damage to your vertebral discs:

When lifting, flex at your hips rather than your back and keep the natural curve in your low back while lifting with your legs.

  • Avoid lifting and twisting.
  • Carry heavy objects as close to your body as possible.
  • Slowly move around in the morning when you first wake up to increase the flexibility of your ligaments.
  • Strengthen your low back muscles. Ask your chiropractor about exercises they recommend.
  • Practice good posture and ergonomics at work and at home.

Avoiding a herniated disc is the best solution, however if it has already happened to you, chiropractic care has been shown to get great results in reducing pain, muscle spasm, and inflammation related to disc herniations. Do not let an injury debilitate you. Regain your quality of life and go see your chiropractor today!

Back Pain and Clinical Depression

When dealing with chronic pain of any kind, there are various issues, both physical and mental, that each patient goes through. At the Denver Back Pain Health Center, we have found that depression is the one of the most common issues associated with chronic back pain. This type of depression is referred to as major or clinical depression.

Clinical depression can be debilitating if not treated. It is a few steps past “just feeling down.” If someone is suffering from major depression, they will experience at least five of the following symptoms daily for at least two weeks:

  • Feelings of sadness, hopelessness or irritability that could also include crying
  • Sleeping either too much or not enough
  • Agitation (restlessness) or sluggishness (fatigue)
  • Poor appetite combined with significant weight loss or increased appetite and weight gain
  • Loss of interest in normal activities
  • Decreased or no sex drive
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
  • Lack of concentration or memory
  • Thoughts of death, suicide, or wishing to be dead

According to the ACA (The American Chiropractic Association), depression is three to four times more prevalent in patients with chronic back pain. 62% of all patients that seek treatment at pain centers like the Denver Back Pain Health Center show some form of depression.

Generally, patients with chronic back pain problems will develop depression before patients with acute pain that is shorter in duration. The question of why, can best be understood by looking at symptoms usually experienced by patients with chronic back pain:

  • Difficulty sleeping due to pain, causing irritability and fatigue during the day
  • Movement is difficult or unbearable, causing social isolation
  • Financial difficulties due to missed work and medical bills creating stress
  • Side effects from medication could cause digestion issues and a feeling of mental dullness
  • Pain can cause concentration and/or memory problems
  • Sexual activity has completely disappeared, causing stress in the patient’s relationships

These symptoms when accompanied by chronic back pain create a snowball effect and feelings of despair and hopelessness increase.

How do we treat patients that are dealing with this? For Dr. Visentin D.C. and his staff at the Denver Back Pain Health Center, the first step is determining the cause of the pain. If the problem can be addressed, the pain will subside taking the symptoms of depression with it. When it is a case of chronic pain, these are ways a patient can try to keep depression from becoming an all-encompassing way of life:

Patients must stay active. The type and the amount of activity is directed by Dr. Visentin, D.C. in order to make sure that these activities do not cause more harm.

Relaxation techniques can assist a patient in coping with chronic pain.
A patient should involve their family with their recovery. This prevents isolation and builds a tighter bond between the members involved.
If you are dealing with chronic back pain, Dr. Visentin, D.C. and the Denver Back Pain Health Center are here to help. Please contact us for a consultation (303) 394-CARE (2273).

Denver Low Back Pain

We take our spines for granted. Over our lifetimes we suffer:

  • Slips
  • Jerks
  • Jolts
  • Exertion and
  • Lifting injuries.

It’s no wonder over 80% of adults experience severe low back pain at sometime. Read this testimonial about a very physical man who knows how good he can feel with the right care.

Showing off my strength is how I grew up. My friends and I lifted cars to the curbs, moved big rocks, wrestled each other, etc. I’d do anything to show how strong I was. I never listened to teachers that told me to sit up straight either. At the age of 17, I began changing tires and later became an auto mechanic.

Later in life, I tried roofing, tree trimming, moving furniture, and many other physically demanding jobs and tasks. My most recent occupation is selling tires, which is also very strenuous work. Because of all of this, I tore my body up. Back pain was a normal part of my life. You learn to live with it, and for years that is exactly what I did. I accepted it and lived with it. The pain intensified to unbearable at times and I knew that I was getting worse. My left leg started going numb because of the excruciating pain in the sciatic nerve. I watched Dr. Visentin on television for over a year before I decided to give him a try.

The first time I went in for an adjustment, I walked out pain-free! I had suffered for years and suffered every day because I accepted the pain and didn’t realize, or believe, that it could be taken away so easily. Pain still comes and goes because of my occupation and I still do a lot of heavy lifting, twisting, and turning. The pain comes back, but when it does I just go in for an adjustment and walk out pain-free every time.” – Randall P.

Do you work hard and play harder? You owe it to yourself to get your spine checked. Make your back last a lifetime. If it’s out of alignment, it will tend to decay. This is called “premature arthritis” and is all too common in athletes who demand the most from their bodies and lives.

If you want to reach more of your potential and stay active call (303) 394-CARE (2273). Call now for a FREE examination without obligation.

Cure For Sciatica?

Most people try to hide the symptoms of sciatica with drugs that have side effects. When the drugs don’t work, they seek surgery, but many times surgery has disastrous outcomes.

Patients at our center are experiencing dramatic and consistent relief using safe and gentle techniques that eliminate the most common cause of sciatica.

The most common cause of sciatica is a bone out of alignment in the lower back. Scientists and doctors call this condition “vertebral subluxation”.

Without proper care, sciatica has a tendency to get worse. Eventually, it can lead to atrophy of the muscles, (muscle shrinking) in the legs. In some cases left untreated, sciatica can lead to permanent nerve damage.

Is there a “cure” for your condition? You will never know unless you call. The examination is free when you mention this article. (303) 394-CARE (2273)

Slipped Disc?

It’s easy to take our health for granted. We assume if we feel o.k. that we must be healthy, but this is terribly wrong! Read this story written by John, one of our many patients who thought he was “fine,” till he did something he does all the time and experienced excruciating pain.

“Hi, my name John K., and I am a firm believer in the benefits of chiropractic care. At the end of last year, I was ice-skating with my two sons. Two days later I was sitting in a chair when all of a sudden I had back pain so severe, I could barely get out of that chair. After two days of suffering, I finally went to see a chiropractor. After about five visits with Dr. Visentin, I was able to do all the things you take for granted. I was pain free and didn’t have to take painkillers or any medication. I continue to see Dr. V because he has really convinced me on the importance of being balanced. I will continue going to the chiropractor for life now. I am a believer and Dr. V always has a new outlook on health that is good for me and my family.” – John K.

John didn’t know it, but he had a discal problem in the lower back. After sitting for a while the disc swelled enough to put pressure on the delicate nerves in his back. Sitting tends to aggravate disc problems.

If you have back pain and wonder if it might be due to a slipped disc, call our center immediately. Waiting can be dangerous, and you have nothing to lose but your pain. If you call this week, we have a special on spinal discal examinations. If you mention this article, your exam is FREE. Call now (303) 394-CARE (2273).

Do You Have Numbness or Tingling In Your Legs?

Serious interference with the nerves that come from the lower back can trigger painful burning sensations in the legs. It can start as pain in only one leg and radiate all the way down to the foot. It can start and stop, get better and worse and generally make you miserable until you get real help. Read this clinical case history from one of our many gratified patients.

“Before I came here, I was having severe pain in my lower back and legs. I had done some work outside in the snow and developed this pain. It was so bad, I had to take time off of work because I couldn’t bend and walk upright. After my first visit the pain had diminished 90%. I continued coming on a weekly routine and gradually got better. It has been about two months now and I have just a backache once in a while. This technique and Dr. Visentin have done wonders for me. Thank you very much I appreciate it.” –M. Augustine

Many times people come to us and wonder when their pain will stop. We remind them that unless they remove the cause of their pain, it may never go away.

If you have radiations of numbness, tingling, shooting pains, crawling sensations or burning sensations down the legs or into the groin don’t wait. Waiting can be dangerous. Call our center now (303) 394-CARE (2273). Let’s find out what’s causing your problem and do something about it.

If You’re Going Through Hell…Keep Going!

At our clinic we attract the hardest cases. Most of our patients have been everywhere else and tried everything else. Somehow they find the courage to attempt to regain their health just one more time. Read this dramatic case history.

“I suffered from severe back pain for four years. I was told there was nothing that could be done for me. When I first came to see Dr. Visentin I had a migraine that was so severe that I was nauseous. My doctors had refused to see me as of October and the pain was intolerable. Since I have been seeing Dr. Visentin I have experienced pain-free days, which I have not experienced in four years and the improvements has happened in just a few weeks. While other doctors have claimed that there was nothing they could do for me, Dr. Visentin has helped me. This is a breakthrough for me and I thank God for putting Dr. Visentin in my life. Thank You! -Sandra S.

Sandra is an amazing lady. In spite of enduring years of pain, she never gave up. She was willing to reach out for relief when most anyone else would have resigned themselves to a lifetime of suffering.

If you’re hurting and exhausted never, never, never, ever give up. Call (303) 394-CARE (2273). If we cannot help you, we will tell you so.

Do You Have Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest nerve in the body. When it’s irritated it can cause horrible pain. This article concerns the symptoms that characterize this all to common cause of leg pain, sciatica.

When the sciatic nerve is irritated it can produce sensations pain that people describe as:

  • Burning
  • Sharp
  • Pins and needles
  • Knife like
  • Tingling
  • Prickly
  • Crawling
  • Tender
  • Numbness

The pain can start in the back and radiate all the way to the toes. It can also affect a particular part of the leg or back depending on the individual. The pain may change with position, come and go, or become constant. It can be so bad, it makes even the simple activities difficult or impossible.

If you have been diagnosed with sciatica, or wonder if this is the cause of your leg pain, don’t wait. Your problems may get worse without care requiring drugs, or even surgery. In most instances there is no reason to suffer this way. Natural care using virtually painless techniques can remove the most common causes of sciatica.

For a free examination to see if you qualify for care at our center, call (303) 394-CARE (2273).

Can’t Work Due To Back Pain?

It’s scary when you can’t work due to back pain. We understand that at our clinic and offer emotional support as well as very effective care. Read this thank you note from one of our many grateful patients.

In February I hurt my back while lifting and twisting. My back had been progressively getting worse and it eventually got so bad, I couldn’t even get out of bed without assistance. When I went to this clinic for the first time, I was given encouragement. I really didn’t know if Dr. V. could help the way he said he could, but I knew I couldn’t stand the constant intense pain anymore. Within a month, the pain had subsided enough for me to function again, and I was thrilled. I have a physically demanding career that requires my body to be strong and healthy. I was starting to worry that I may not be able to return to work, but within a few months I was healthy, strong, and back to work! Thank you so much Dr. V. for not only taking away the pain but for your dedication and hard work in getting me healthy enough to go back to work. You’re my hero! – Judy R.

If you can’t function and you are scared, call our center now, (303) 394-CARE (2273) Mention this article for a FREE examination without obligation.

Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Gone!

Many times we receive letters from grateful patients about their results at our center. Often times they’ve been elsewhere, and are amazed that they can get well naturally without drugs and surgery. Here is a letter from a woman who suffered severe lower back pain and sciatica until she found relief through our care.

“My martyrdom started in April when I tried to stand up from my bed and I couldn’t move because of an intense pain I felt in my right leg. I took different painkillers thinking that the pain would go away. I will never forget that day because I realized something was wrong. I couldn’t get off the bed. I couldn’t sit down, or stand up or walk without limping. It was horrible. The pain was so excruciating that my life started to change. If it weren’t for the help of my family, I wouldn’t have been able to dress, or even tie my shoes!

I visited my medical doctor. He diagnosed a herniated L4-5 and L5-SI disc and right sciatica leg pain. “Two black discs” were causing the horrible pain in my leg. I still do not know how this happened because I never lifted anything heavy, nor had I fallen or had an accident, it was just there! I was limping all the time. My doctor gave me prescription drugs and after three weeks he recommended physical therapy. I know the drugs did give some relief, however, they did not take care of the problem. Physical therapy gave me relief for few days after being in it for one month. The possibility of surgery was mentioned to me and I was very concerned about getting cut up.

My medical doctor still does not know of my chiropractic care, but I am convinced that it has helped and made it possible to have my life back without drugs. I began the treatments in June and wondered if it would be beneficial. The first sign of help from care, was that my pain practically left. I can only praise the Lord that this unexpected help has been received, because I didn’t know that chiropractic was an option for me until I met you, Dr. Visentin.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into fixing my right leg. I’m so fortunate to know someone as talented and caring as you. I will always remember what you have done for me. Your kindness to me is humbling. You give so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You are truly a ministry to people. God is using you for healing. My family and I admire your work . May God increase your wisdom, strength, and anointing.” – R. Gutierrez

Will you get results like she did? What are your chances of getting well in our center? You will never know, unless you call. (303) 394-CARE (2273), You have nothing to lose but the pain.

Three of the Most Effective Ways to Prevent Recurring Low Back Pain

  1. Practice good posture – One of the most basic ways to decrease the likelihood of your low back pain from coming back is simply by training your muscles in good posture. This gives your spine the most balance and strongest foundation against gravity so that you have less compensation in your muscles and decreased degeneration in your spine. The easiest way to establish good posture is to stand with your back against a wall and your feet about 2-3 inches from the wall. Straighten up your spine so that your buttocks, shoulders, and head are all touching the wall. Make sure that your head is not tilted back, but rather retracted back to reach the wall. Stand in this posture for a few seconds and then without breaking it, in a relaxed way take a few steps off the wall while continuing to hold your correct posture. Practice this so that you no longer have to think about perfect posture, but that your body automatically holds it over time.
  2. Strengthen your core – You have tiny muscles all the way up your spine on and around each spinal vertebra. These small muscles are used for stabilizing your spine. When you have chronic low back pain, oftentimes these muscles are asymmetrical or atrophied enough to where they do not provide enough stabilization and other muscles have to compensate for them. These other muscles do not fire as quickly, or brace as effectively and therefore open you up to injury of your low back.In order to retrain these stabilizers, you need to strengthen your core muscles.In the past a lot of emphasis has been placed on the abdominals as the most important core muscles. However in more recent research, it has been found that we should really be focusing on those tiny, intrinsic back muscles. Ask your chiropractor about core strengthening exercises that you can do to start eliminating your chances of re-injury.
  3. Get checked by your chiropractor – Chiropractic adjustments break up scar tissue, increase motion, and reduce pain. They also reset the neurology between your brain and your muscles so that you do not develop abnormal muscle firing. Your chiropractor is also a great resource to check out your posture and give you posture tips.

Most low back pain is non-specific and not from one single cause. It is a process that happens over time. So when you start implementing these tips, they may take time to start working. However, the long term goal is for fewer recurrences of your back pain, right? Be patient, correct the cause and your body will take care of the rest!

Excruciating Low Back Pain

Regardless how badly you hurt, there is always hope. Even people who can hardly move, get amazing results with the advanced methodology we use at our center.

“Before I came here, I was having severe pain in my lower back and legs. I did some work outside in the snow and developed back pain. It was so bad, I had to take time off of work because I couldn’t bend or walk upright. After my first visit, the pain diminished 90%. I continued coming on a weekly basis and gradually got better. It’s been about two months now and I have just a back ache once in awhile. The technique Dr. Visentin used worked wonders for me. Thank you very much, I appreciate it.” – Mario A.

When you’re sick and tired of feeling “sick and tired” call (303) 394-CARE (2273).

Why Does My Low Back Pain Continue to Flare Up?

In our Denver Back Pain Health Center we see a lot of patients with chronic low back pain which develops over time, and therefore may take a significant time to resolve entirely. In recent research, chronic low back pain has been redefined as a problem with intermittent exacerbations, rather than an acute disease that can be cured. One of the reasons for this is that when you start to develop pain, there are already structural and functional changes that have taken place in your spine, both mechanically and neurologically. Your pain symptoms are usually the last things to show up as a way of your body telling you it is time to make a change. The structural changes in your spine can include bony remodeling, degeneration of your joints, and decreased space in your spinal canal, where your spinal cord sits. These changes are all in response to physical stress, like a misalignment of your vertebrae and happen over time. Functional changes can include adaptations to new postures, muscle firing imbalances, or muscle spasms. Structural and functional changes in your spine can have a large impact on your overall health and even your mental stress level. However, there is a way to prevent these changes from happening or improving function if they already have. Healing back paintakes time Chiropractic care takes added physical stress off of the spinal vertebrae by increasing motion, decreasing scar tissue, and re-establishing proper muscle firing through a functioning nervous system. However, this process can take time. If you have had a spinal misalignment for 20 years from a trauma that happened in your childhood, it is probably going to take more than one chiropractic visit to turn your condition around. However, the good news is that pain is typically the last thing to show up, but also the first thing to go away. A lot of patients think their low back pain has been cured when the pain is gone, but the body still has a lot of reorganizing and healing to do in order to get back to a stable place. Here are some things that you can do to recover as quickly as possible:

  1. As soon as you can comfortably, start walking to increase your movement, endorphins, and circulation.
  2. Clean up your diet – Cut down on sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. Increase your fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Ask your chiropractor about any core strengthening exercises they might recommend to prevent re-injury.
  4. Do not be scared! Do not limit your recovery by restricting yourself of what you are capable of doing.

When you start to get out of pain, take every “good” day and continue to improve by following these simple ideas. Overall, be patient and know that your recovery and management of your low back pain is possible. Work with your chiropractor and start feeling better today!

Denver Slipped Disc

It’s humbling to receive thanks like this. Here is another letter from one of our many patients who experienced dramatic relief from serious pain.

Dear Dr. Visentin,
I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to those of us who experience body and back problems through accidents or just moving the wrong way. In my case, I got up off the couch and was instantly in severe pain. My only comparison would be that childbirth was worse.

I was impressed with Virginia, your receptionist, who heard the pain in my voice and had me come in immediately. It was a miracle to be able to get an appointment at the height of my pain.
I hobbled in and with your blessed hands and skills, I walked out of the office and was able to celebrate my birthday.

You are so appreciated, and thank you doesn’t seem to be enough to express my gratitude. Though you came highly recommended by Dr. Hovey, the proof was how you enabled me to walk when I couldn’t, due to severe pain. You are a blessing to me and others who are blessed by your gift and skill. God bless you and all the works of your hands. Deuteronomy 2:7. -C. C.

Most every doctor knows there is a greater power at work when someone is healed. As doctors, we can never accept all the credit. Real healing comes about naturally when the body is in balance. I balance the body, and God does the healing, it’s that simple.

If your suffering, it’s because your body is out of balance. Call (303) 394-CARE (2273).

Ten Biggest Lies About Low Back Pain

  1. “You’ll just have to learn to live with it.” If you’ve heard those words, you probably have not been to a chiropractor.
  2. “Use a heating pad.” This will probably make it worse in the long run.
  3. “Rest in bed.” Scientists say that this is not a good idea for most lower back conditions.
  4. “Chiropractic is dangerous.” Just the opposite is true; chiropractic care is safer than aspirin.
  5. “See your medical doctor first, he’s most qualified to help you.” In most instances this is just not true. Doctors of chiropractic get more hours of anatomy and radiology of the spine than ordinary doctors.
  6. “There’s not much that can be done.” There is a lot that can and should be done right away. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to care for you.
  7. “Once you see the chiropractor, you’ll have to keep going.” This is not true. Many people choose chiropractic as part of a natural healthy lifestyle, but it can be discontinued at any time. Unlike medicines, chiropractic has no side effects like addiction.
  8. “Just wait until it goes away.” Waiting for your low back pain to magically “go away” may be dangerous.
  9. “I was told that I would need surgery. They say it’s a disc problem and there’s nothing else that can be done.” The best surgeons recommend conservative care, like chiropractic. Once surgery is done, the results may not be good.
  10. “I’m just having the normal back pain.” Living in denial about a potentially serious health problem is absolutely the biggest lie of all. Don’t be deluded, call (303) 394-CARE (2273) and let’s talk about it. Mention this article and you’ll receive a free examination without obligation in my east Denver clinic.

Back Pain? Try Chiropractic First

When back pain strikes, the first thing many people do is seek the help of a medical doctor. These doctors can offer relief with drugs that address the symptoms, but not the underlying cause of back pain.

Located in Denver CO, Dr. Visentin has been helping people who suffer from back pain for the past 20 years. He offers a different approach that provides relief without the use of drugs or the side effects they can have. Chiropractic offers natural relief for back pain that does not involve the use of drugs or invasive procedures. Instead, he uses gentle massage and chiropractic adjustments to correct misalignments of the spine that can be the cause of such pain.

Dr. Visentin works with each patient to achieve complete wellness, not just freedom from pain. This is accomplished through education on spinal safety, nutrition, and chiropracti adjustments.

For more information on how Dr. Visentin can help residents of the Denver area, visit his website at or contact the office at (303) 394-CARE (2273)

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Low Back Pain?

About 90% of people who suffer from low back pain do not have a specific cause of it. We call this nonspecific low back pain. Tissues are damaged over time from things like bad posture and incorrect lifting techniques. Now you may be thinking, “I do not have a job that requires me to lift anything heavy.”

However, every time you lift your kids into the car seat or pull your groceries from your trunk you should be using proper lifting techniques. This includes not rounding your back but squatting down by bending your knees when picking up an object. Try to keep things close to your body, as this lessens the load on your spine and try not to twist while lifting.

When you get tissue damage in your back, your body tries to stabilize around it by locking joints together and laying down scar tissue. In the short term this is a good solution, however if not corrected it can lead to further injury or pain. You actually start to develop different motor patterns, which means that muscles are firing out of the normal sequence because your brain is getting faulty messages from the area of fixation.

Your chiropractor makes a very specific adjustment to the area that is stuck and restores motion between the vertebrae. This allows your own body to replenish the area with nutrients and start the healing process.

What else can I do to reduce my low back pain?
Besides getting checked and adjusted by your chiropractor to maintain proper function, it is important to lay a strong foundation by strengthening your core muscles. In the past a lot of emphasis has been placed on strengthening the abdominals when focusing on the core.

However in more recent research it has been shown that a more effective way of strengthening your core is to focus on your back stabilizer muscles. You have hundreds of tiny muscles surrounding your spine that work together to stabilize and coordinate movement.

If these are weak, more load is placed on the ligaments holding your spine together and you are more prone to injuring those ligaments. By strengthening your spinal stabilizers, your posture should improve and you will be less prone to tissue damage and injury in the first place.

How do I strengthen my spinal stabilizers?
Talk to your chiropractor about exercises they recommend for strengthening your core. Some of the best proven core-strengthening exercises are the side bridge, the curl up, and the bird dog. Make sure that before you start doing these exercises, you have talked to your chiropractor about what is best for your back.

Start on your road to recovery by being properly aligned and strong in your core!

Why do I have Back Pain?

I didn’t do anything to hurt my back, so why do I have low back pain?
The majority of back pain is not caused from any one event or trauma. Most back pain is caused from repetitive trauma, abnormal posture, and dysfunction over time. There is excessive stress put on your spine and the tissues around it when you have bad posture or misalignments of your vertebrae. Because of your abnormal posture, there is increased stress on your spinal cord, which is housed in the entire length of your spine. This decreases your ability to adapt to your stress and inhibits your ability to heal, which leads to pain and chronic dysfunction in your back and the rest of your body.

When you experience repetitive trauma in your spine you get tissue damage. Repetitive trauma can be from bad ergonomics at work, or improper lifting. Tissue damage puts your body into a guarded state and sends an abnormal message to your brain, which can result in muscle spasm or scar tissue to stabilize the damaged tissues. You start to develop disrupted motor patterns, which means that muscles start firing in different sequences than normal and you start to get more tissue damage in other muscles as well. That is how a chronic low back pain problem starts.

What can I do to prevent tissue damage?

  • Keep adequate motion in your spine
  • Exercise
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Practice good posture
  • Learn proper lifting techniques
  • Keep the curve in your low back while sitting by pushing your stomach forward and your pelvis backward

Low back pain affects thousands of people unnecessarily. But there is hope and there are a lot of things that you can do to prevent from being one of those people. Talk to your chiropractor about more ways to increase your healing potential so that you do not have to suffer from chronic low back pain.

By Steven Visentin


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