Chronic Pain Denver

Chronic Pain Denver

Long term chronic pain can wear down the strongest person and tear lives apart. Read what can be done about it without drugs and their side effects or dangerous surgery.
Here are 7 home remedies many find helpful with chronic pain from conditions from arthritis to herpes zoster.

#1 – Rest
To maximize your body’s inborn potential to heal itself proper rest is essential. Getting a good nights sleep is easier if you eliminate stimulants like caffeine during the day. A cup of coffee or tea in the morning is fine, but drinking stimulants in the afternoon may irritate the nervous system and prevent sound sleep. Cola and energy drinks have the same effect.

#2 – Visualization
Seeing yourself healthy and pain free is part of “creative visualization.” Doing this in the morning before arising from bed and again just shortly before sleep helps prepare the nervous system for healing.

#3 – Hot Baths
Baths at about 102 ° f for five to twenty minutes is a time honored therapy for chronic pain. The ancients used this with great results for centuries.

#4 – Mild Exercises
Just going out for a walk can be helpful.

#5 - Stretching
Gently stretch the neck, back, arms, and legs. This helps loosen stiff joints and relieves tight muscles and associated discomfort.

If you need a stretching program call (303) 394-2273 (CARE) and mention this article.

#6 – Meditation and Prayer
Seeking out a spiritual advisor can be beneficial. There are many informal studies that show this is effective in relieving chronic pain.

#7 – Denver chiropractic
Doctors of chiropractic are called “D.C.’s.” For years they’ve also been called “doctors of chronics” by the many patients who’ve been helped with chronic problems like;

  • degenerative disc,
  • degenerative joint disease,
  • Parkinson’s,
  • rheumatoid arthritis,
  • multiple sclerosis,
  • heart disease,
  • diabetes,
  • cancer and
  • obesity.

Chiropractic is not a “cure” for any of these conditions. But it is a way of removing pressure from the nervous system so the body can heal itself as much as possible.
Never give up if you have a chronic condition. Rest, visualize, take hot baths, exercise, stretch, meditate, pray and see your Denver chiropractor regularly.
If you don’t have a family chiropractor mentioning this article will entitle you to a FREE examination without obligation at our center. Waiting is dangerous and you could feel great. Call (303) 394-2273 (CARE).

By Steven Visentin


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