Denver Chiropractor Treats Chronic Whiplash

Denver Chiropractor Treats Chronic Whiplash

Car Injury

Don’t do anything about whiplash till you’ve had a thorough examination!

A good exam usually includes x-rays.  These studies should be done while standing or sitting and include views of the neck moving forward and back to determine if it’s working correctly.  See your local chiropractor in Denver for these services.

If you haven’t had a comprehensive exam for potentially serious accident related injuries please do not attempt the following exercise!

Exercises For Whiplash Injuries in Denver

One of the best exercises for the neck is cervical extension.  Try extending your head backward.  Of course if this hurts stop!  Place your head gently back without forcing anything.  Just before you reach a point when you feel discomfort, stop.  You can do this 10 times in the morning and afternoon, and 10 more times before you go to bed.  Over time your head will go back further.  This can be one of the best exercises for rehabilitating the neck after a car crash.

Of course if your neck continues to hurt, or gets worse, call my office.  We’ve helped 1,000’s of accident victims with and without insurance.  Our staff is trained in finding hidden resources to fund your care.

Waiting can be dangerous, and feeling good is what life’s about.  Call Care Chiropractic at (303) 394-2273.

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