Denver Drug Reactions

Denver Drug Reactions

Ask anyone if they’ve ever suffered a reaction to medication or know someone who has. In nearly every instance they will say YES! Unfortunately we rely on medicine and it comes with serious consequences. Here are the facts;

Medicines Yearly Toll

  • 32,000 falls in the elderly, in which hip fractures that occur are attributed to drugs.
  • 61,000 people develop drug induced Parkinson’s disease
  • 1500 die in falls
  • 163,000 suffer from drug-induced or drug-worsened memory loss
  • 41,000 are hospitalized for ulcers caused by NSAIDs (3300 of them die)
  • Hundreds of thousands suffer from drug-induced dizziness or fainting.

All Drugs Have Side Effects

We watch television and accept the fact that each medication comes with a long list of side effects. Attorneys advertise more class action suits against drug manufacturers. We accept it all until … someone we know or a loved one suffers an “adverse drug reaction.” Then, we get upset.

Don’t Wait!

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By Steven Visentin


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