Life Force Denver

Life Force Denver

There is a power that rushes energy from the brain through the spine to every organ in our bodies. It’s been called “chi”, “life force”, “prana”, “nerve flow”, “the stuff of life”, and “that something.” With it we thrive, without it we’re dead meat. Chiropractors remove interference from this amazing power when they align the spine. When the spine is balanced, life flows from the brain down through the spinal column outward from various nerves to control and coordinate every organ and system.

Dr. Frankenstein and the Spark of Life
The fabled Dr. Frankenstein robbed graves and assembled a monster man. When every organ was in place, he waited for an enormous lightning storm to provide an electrical spark of life to enliven his creation. When the electricity was applied the creature opened his eyes and Dr. Frankenstein shouted “He’s Alive!”

Research Proves…
Real scientists know that tiny currents of electricity flow over the delicate nerves that make up our nervous systems. From above down, inside and out, they flow information much like a computer to control every bodily function and maintain our health.

Turn on the Power
If bones move even slightly out of alignment particularly in the spine, nerves can be pinched and the life force is cut off. This is the most common cause of “dis-ease” in the body. Eventually this leads to disease and organ failure.

To keep “the power on”, it’s necessary to eliminate interference with the delicate nerves that keep us alive and healthy. Spinal alignment is essential in maximizing the flow of nerve energy.

If you never had your nervous system checked and wonder if your body is working at 100% of its potential, call our center. At no charge and without obligation we will perform a special examination that can detect subtle nerve interference ordinary medical tests miss. Later we’ll explain our findings and provide virtually painless care to allow your life force to flow through you more completely. Call (303) 394-2273 (CARE).

By Steven Visentin


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