Denver Slipped Disk In Back?

Denver Slipped Disk in Back?

What Causes Denver Discal Problems?

Without chiropractic, disks of the spine tend to degenerate.  Lifting incorrectly, falls on the buttocks, and twisting movements can cause disks to slip or rupture.  It can happen during labor, or for no apparent reason.

Care Chiropractic Denver COHow Can You Tell If You’ve Slipped a Disk?

Disks of the spine never really slip; they can bulge much like a sidewall of an old car tire and interfere with the nerves that come from the spine. 

Do You Have One of the Seven Danger Signs?

  • Muscle Spasm and Severe Back Pain
  • Flattening of the Low Back?
  • Attacks of Back Pain?
  • Numbness, Tingling or Sharp Pain Down Your Leg?
  • Does Your Back Hurt When You Cough or Sneeze?
  • Are Your Hips Out of Alignment?
  • Is Your Back Tender To Touch?

Even one of the above symptoms is potentially dangerous and can indicate a serious discal problem.  Your Denver doctor of chiropractic is well qualified to tell if you have a discal injury, what’s causing it, and what can and should be done to help.  If you wait too long however, you may require drugs which have side effects or surgery which is very risky.

Care Chiropractic Office TourIf you have any of the above danger signs call (303) 394-2273 (CARE) for a FREE examination without obligation. (X-rays and adjustments are not included.  All Medicare rules apply).

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