Our Unique Approach To Neck Pain in Denver

Our Unique Approach To Neck Pain in Denver

Neck Pain Relief

Dr. Visentin specializes in the non-surgical treatment of the neck. The causes of neck pain are usually either mechanical (the way a spine moves and interacts with the rest of the body) or neurological (nerve-related). Chiropractic care has been safely utilized by millions and millions of patients and can make a tremendous difference in your life.

Dr. Visentin has been through extensive training in order to diagnose the various neck conditions and recommend proper care. He takes an active, hands-on approach that can restore motion to the spine and relieve significant pain due to:

  •  “whiplash”,
  • cervical sprain,
  • cervical disc,
  • spinal joint restriction, and
  • various types of chronic neck pain.

When a patient visits our center with a complaint of neck pain, the entire spine is evaluated.  Dr. Visentin checks all three areas of the spine, neck (cervical spine), mid-back (thoracic spine), and low back (lumbar spine). It's imperative that the entire spine be examined, because problems in the neck may also affect other areas of the body.

Dr. Visentin can diagnose disc injuries, muscle spasms, restricted joint motion, and ligament injuries. He does this by using techniques unique to chiropractic called motion and static palpation. He searches for tightness, tenderness, and how well each spinal joint moves by using his hands. He also studies posture and the way patients walk. These little details can help him evaluate overall body mechanics. This exam assists him in creating a proper approach for care.

The exact care plan depends on the diagnosis. He uses a combination of instrumental, manual techniques, therapeutic exercises, and ice therapy. Here are examples of spinal adjustment techniques that may be used:

  • specific spinal adjustments: Joints that are restricted or show abnormal motion are identified (these are also known as subluxations).  Motion is returned to the joint by a gentle thrusting technique. This rapidly stretches the soft tissue and stimulates the nervous system to return to normal in the spine. This works well for neck joint restrictions and movement abnormalities.
  • instrument-assisted adjusting: Another technique features a virtually painless, hand-held instrument that is used to apply corrective force to the spine.

A manual therapy that might be used is:

  • trigger point therapy: Tight points on a muscle are carefully identified and direct pressure is applied to them to relieve tension.

Dr. Visentin is a true neck pain specialist. He can help you return to normal activities in a quick, non-invasive way so that you can go back to enjoying your daily life pain free. If you are suffering neck pain and live in the Denver, CO area, or if you have any questions about this topic, contact Dr. Visentin D.C., at (303) 394- CARE (2273) the Denver Neck Pain Health Center.

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