How to Eliminate Headaches Naturally in Denver

How to Eliminate Headaches Naturally in Denver CO

Headache Pain Relief

Over the years as a Doctor of Chiropractic and headache expert in Denver, I know that headaches are the body’s way of telling us that something is out of balance. There are some things we can do in our daily routine to help limit or prevent headaches. Here are 10 things that work.

1. What are you putting in your body?

First, look at your diet. Sugar, caffeine and alcohol are common headache triggers. Gradually reducing the amount of these three items may decrease the frequency of your headaches.

In this “drive-thru” world, one thing that is lacking in many people is the essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to work efficiently. A balanced diet rich in all the food groups, but focusing on whole foods in their natural state, will help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches.

2. Regularity is key.

Inflammation can begin with inflammation in the intestines. Regular bowel movements are a sign of efficient detoxification. One of the initial and most common signs of toxicity in the body is headache. Chronic headaches can be the result of the body attempting to process more toxins than it can handle. Magnesium at bedtime and a daily dose of probiotics will help combat this.

3. Use proper stress management and relaxation techniques.

Stress is part of everyday life. We cannot escape it, but we can develop coping skills for a crises at work and at home. This will require a lot of self awareness and attention. Physical stress can also play a part. Poor ergonomics at work (such as a bad chair), prolonged staring at a computer screen, or driving can cause headaches as well.
Many patients respond to breathing exercises, meditation or yoga to eliminate stress. Other patients may choose a more physical approach, such as running or swimming. Others still to try a new hobby as their form of release. The choice is yours, find something that helps and do it consistently.

4. Sleep it off.

A good night’s sleep is more important and more elusive than one might think. Most people need seven to nine hours each night. If you can’t fall asleep or find yourself not sleeping through the night, take a look at your pre-sleep routine. You may find a clue to your sleep issues there, and by making a few simple adjustments regain that precious rest you have been missing.

5. Drink more water.

Water is amazing. It helps the body in many ways. I have seen my patients’ headaches improve dramatically just by drinking more water each day. The goal is to drink 8-10 glasses daily, but don’t just start drinking that today. The best thing to do is to increase water intake slowly by adding one cup per day, every three days. It is easier to sip throughout the day, than guzzling large quantities of water in one sitting.

6. Evaluate your body mechanics and alignment.

Your posture as well as your head and neck alignment are huge factors in nearly all types of headaches. Most patients are completely unaware just how significantly their body architecture can affect their joints, until they are dealing with chronic pain. A chronic headache may very well be the body telling you that your spine is misaligned and needs attention.

Consulting a Doctor of Chiropractic can help with each of these factors. An “adjustment” may be the perfect thing to put the body in balance and ease headache. Adjustments are virtually painless, and help realign the spine allowing for better overall health.

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