Denver CO Accident Chiropractor Answers Most Frequent Accident Injury Treatment Questions

Denver CO Accident Chiropractor Answers Most Frequent Accident Injury Treatment Questions

Chiropractic Denver CO Chiropractor Answers Accident Injury Treatment Questions
  1. How soon after a car accident should I see a chiropractor?
    After an accident, it’s important to see a Denver CO chiropractor right away. Don’t wait. Waiting can be dangerous. The sooner you get in, the faster you can feel relief. Without proper care, these problems can get worse.
  2. Should you go to the chiropractor right after an accident?
    If you’ve been to the emergency room, you may have been told “there are no fractures”. That does not mean there is nothing wrong! It’s best to make an appointment to see a doctor of chiropractic immediately!
  3. Why should I see a chiropractor after an accident?
    Chiropractors are most qualified to help with whiplash. Doctors of chiropractic have the training necessary to help you recover as completely as possible after an accident. They have more hours of training in courses like anatomy and x-ray than your ordinary doctor. Plus, they have extensive training in aligning the spine. This can be critical in recovering from a serious accident.
  4. How often should you go to the chiropractor after a car accident?
    Go as often as he or she directs you. Most patients want to come in daily and sometimes twice daily because they feel that bad. Over time, chiropractic offers significant relief.Total correction of the spine is much like having braces or orthodontic care. It can take some months to totally correct the spine but do whatever it takes! Your spine is your “life line”. Real healing takes time!
  5. How long should you see a chiropractor after an accident?
    It can take months and months to fully realign, rehabilitate and restructure the spine. After a serious accident, you may feel better before you’re in proper alignment. Whatever you do, KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENTS. If you miss an appointment, MAKE IT UP! That means if you only come once a week and you were scheduled twice a week, get 3 visits the next week to make up for the previous weeks miss.

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