My Back Hurts

“My Back Hurts!”

What’s Wrong?


Can you tell what’s wrong with this patient?

The above x-ray is of a man who had a car accident just a month before this film was taken.  He stated that since his accident he has pain in the back he’s never had before.

What’s Up?

Years before he was shot!  Look at the image carefully.  Can you see a large bullet near his spine?


He swears he has never had pain in this area till his accident.  Chiropractic care provides him some relief.  Could the bullet be an incidental finding?  If you look closely you can tell his spine is crooked from the car wreck.


Between one and two million Americans are walking around with bullets in their bodies.  In most cases, they cause no apparent problems.  Surgeons feel it’s not important to remove them, especially if there is a risk if infection or other problems from surgery.

Are You Hurting?

Pain is never “normal”.  Living with it is never helpful and in most cases, not even necessary.  Most dis-ease in the body is brought on by subtle misalignments of the spine that impact the delicate and sensitive nervous system.  With proper care you could do better.  Spinal misalignments (subluxations) do not get better by themselves.  Over time they tend to get worse.

Call Now!

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