Whiplash Home Care

Whiplash Home Care

How you take care of yourself after an accident can be critical to your recovery.  Many times doctors don’t take the time to explain exactly what to do and what to avoid doing to get the best results from care.  Here are a few of the many techniques we teach our patients at our east Denver whiplash recovery center.

Sleep Posture

We spend one third of our lives in bed resting.  If we rest with poor support from an old mattress or the wrong pillow, the bones of the spine can be slowly pushed out of alignment.

At our Denver accident injury center we perform a series of tests to determine the best sleeping surfaces for our patients after wrecks.  We want their spines to heal well so we offer corrective supports for them to sleep on that actually align the vertebrae while they sleep.  We warn them against slouching or lying habitually on the living room sofa.  As comfortable as this was before the accident, it can aggravate Denver accident injuries.

Bending and Stooping

After accidents it’s important not to aggravate your back.  Ask someone to help you, or at least use a stool for jobs that require you to bend or stoop.

Children and Infants

Holding infants and children can put excessive stress on necks that have been injured in Denver accidents.  At our east Denver accident rehab center we recommend infant carriers worn in the front or back like a backpack.  They help reduce muscle strain.

Household Chores

It may be a good idea to postpone house painting or any activities that make your condition worse.


Avoid sports or activities that might aggravate your accident related condition like; football, rugby, and motorcycle racing.


If you have a back injury, lifting should be limited or eliminated.  If your doctor of chiropractic says it’s alright to lift, always lift with a straight back, breathing and using your legs.  Keep objects close to you at all times.  Always get help carrying awkward and heavy objects.

How you care for yourself outside your chiropractor’s office is a critical factor in your return to wellness.

This Thursday, August 17th at 5:45 we will host a special presentation at 1411 Krameria Street of what you can do to help yourself heal.  The presentation is FREE and open to the public, but limited to the first 30 people who call.  (303) 394-CARE (2273).  Call now to reserve your place.



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