Outsmart the Denver Whiplash Doctor

Outsmart the Denver Whiplash Doctor

See if you’re smarter than a whiplash specialist. Take this true or false test and see how much you know about car accident injuries.

1) True or False?
If you’re drunk during an accident you won’t get hurt as much.
2) True or False?
If you don’t have pain immediately after an accident it means you’re fine.
3) True or False?
Whiplash can affect the lower back.
4) True or False?
Whiplash is a fraud - many people are just making it up.
5) True or False?
Your medical doctor is best qualified to evaluate you for injuries after an accident.

All the answers are false except for question #3 which is true.

Explanation of Answers
1) Whether you’re drunk or not, your body is affected by the tremendous forces generated during accidents.
2) Pain from accidents can come on weeks or months after a crash. It’s always a good idea to get checked by a Denver chiropractor for “hidden” whiplash injuries.
3) Whiplash often involves the entire spine and nervous system. People notice pain in the neck, mid and lower back
4) Insurance studies show that fraud after accidents is a small percentage of the actual number of legitimate victims.
5) Your doctor of chiropractic has extensive training in evaluating car crash injuries.

If you scored 100% or just missed one answer, you are entitled to a gift. Come to our accident injury center at 1411 Krameria Street during business hours and receive a FREE water bottle.

By Steven Visentin


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