7 Natural Cures for Denver Depression

7 Natural Cures for Denver Depression

I don’t care how optimistic you are, you will get the blues. It’s part of living. Here are seven ways to relieve this awful experience. If you do just one, chances are excellent your life will change for the better.

Decide To Take One Action Step
- Take A Hot Bath
Just soak in a bath tub from 100-102º f. Cornell University Medical Center did research on people hospitalized for major depression. They found marked improvement in patients taking warm baths less than an hour before bed time.
- Exercise Helps
In journals for physicians and sports medicine there are multiple studies that show improved moods with exercise. Running improved metal health scores as much as psychotherapy. Run, walk, but do some exercise especially if you don’t feel like it.
- Play With Children
Children know how to have fun and will teach you to play again.
- Deep Breathing Exercises
Start the day standing on green grass facing the rising sun. Take 10 slow deep breaths from your belly and notice how your energy returns.
- Call A Friend
Call someone you can trust and tell them what you’ve been going through.
- Cut Out the Junk Food
Take all the junk food in your house and throw it away. How you eat impacts emotions. Eat better to feel better.
- See Your Denver Chiropractor
Clinical studies prove chiropractic adjustments reduce muscle tension associated with depression.

You Must Fight It!
Decide to fight Denver depression by taking action. There is no other way to get out of a funk. Take a hot bath, go for a walk or play hide and seek with a 4 year old, but do something. Your life and health depend on it.

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By Steven Visentin


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