Searching For “Denver’s Best Chiropractor?”

Searching For “Denver’s Best Chiropractor?”

Although no one can claim this title, we constantly strive to be the best by using these 10 quality assurance policies;

1. If you’re in pain, we work to get you in the same day you call.
2. We start by listening. Then, we carefully examine you to find the
cause of your pain.
3. When necessary, we have x-ray available on the premises. We use high frequency and rare
earth screens to minimize your exposure to radiation.
4. We explain care and offer choices in plain English. We welcome family members and friends
to attend the doctor’s report with you.
5. We take your personal goals seriously and review your program to make sure you’re getting
the results you want.
6. Our care helps eliminate pain and maximize your ability to live, work and play.
7. We offer techniques that are safe and virtually painless. We’ll teach you exercises you can
do to help yourself. We’ll also mention what activities you should avoid.
8. We work with your ordinary doctor to coordinate care.
9. After your pain is gone, we offer care to rehabilitate the spine and nervous system and
make sure you stay well.
10. Our care is covered by insurance and we do the paperwork for you.

Using these 10 quality assurance policies we hope to become the best chiropractor in Denver for you. Mention this article and your initial exam is FREE. If you’d like to discuss your particular needs, call (303) 394-2273 (CARE).

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