Top Denver Chiropractor

Top Denver Chiropractor

Although I’d love to claim the title “Denver’s Best Chiropractor”, I can’t. No one can. It’s subjective, meaning: there is no way to measure who is best qualified to serve you and your family.

Here is a short list of some of what I do to provide the best care for my patients;

- I have the highest rating in the region for a virtually painless technique.
- I listen to my patients, really listen.
- I offer relief as soon as possible, no one likes to hurt.
- I provide special rehabilitative home exercises for long lasting results.
- I offer a very thorough examination for every patient.
- I provide x-rays for cases that require this service and use systems that exceed Colorado’s safety standards.
- I get people in and out quickly, there’s hardly any waiting.
- I make care affordable whether you have insurance or not.
- I hire and train outstanding paraprofessionals. I pay them above market salaries so they spoil my patients.
- I’ve been in practice 30 years and have more experience than nearly all my colleagues but still get at least 15 hours of additional training each year to offer the best service possible.
- I’ve located my clinic in a building with lots of free parking. Most of the time you can find parking within a few steps of the front door.
- I work with all insurance carriers that work with me.
- I fill out forms for you to keep your paperwork to a minimum.
- After you experience relief, you can choose to stay healthy with an affordable wellness plan.
- I offer advanced techniques that are virtually painless, high tech and suitable for children and the elderly.
- I take your goals seriously and allow you to be an active participant in your program.
- If you call now chances are I can get you in today.

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By Steven Visentin


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